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Jason Natural Deodorants

Jason Natural Deodorants

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Jason - Soothing Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

Soothing Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

71g wind-up stick

Out of Stock (end of February)

Jason - Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick

Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick

71g stick

Out of Stock (3rd week February)



  • Pure, Natural & Organic.
  • Everyday natural care since 1959.

JĀSÖN has been established since 1959. It has grown in to a leading brand for people who look after themselves and their families from head to toe the natural way.

The JĀSÖN brand is devoted to using only ingredients from the rich source of goodness that is earth’s garden and its natural resources. There are no artificial colours or animal by-products, the packaging is bio-degradable and packaged in recycled and/or recyclable containers.

All products are certified Vegatarian too. Best of all they smell delightful!

Unlike many other of its competitors, JĀSÖN create their products in their own impressive manufacturing plant in Culver City, California. The factory itself is a Certified Organic Processor and is the first personal care manufacturer to be given this status by the Californian Certified Organic Farmers Certification


JĀSÖN Natural celebrated its 50th anniversary with a host of accolades including; The winner of the Natural Health Beauty awards in several categories; Best Value Brand, and Winner of the Best family Brand by Lifescape magazine. Other awards are: Winner of a Green Beauty Bible award, and the Vegan Environmental Awards.