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Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash

by SBC


250ml bottle




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  • Invigorating & uplifting.


An invigorating and refreshing exfoliating body wash for cleaner, smoother, more energised skin.

A botanical infusion of stimulating Grapefruit, spicy Ginger, refining Jojoba Wax Beads and purifying Elderflower combine to gently buff away impurities for a healthier looking skin.

A herbal tonic of Ivy, Nettle and Fennel creates a toning vitamin and antioxidant-rich care for revitalised, even and healthy skin.

Recommended for all skin types, except sensitive.


A stimulating and refreshing, non-sticky exfoliating gel.
Gently cleanse and ease away surface dead skin cells.
Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch
Creates a surface toning and firming effect.
The perfect skin preparation before using other body products such as moisturisers.


Grapefruit Fruit Extract: stimulating
Ginger Root Extract: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
Fennel Extract: anti-inflammatory
White Nettle Extract: anti-irritant, stimulating
Ivy Extract: decongesting, toning, anti-fungal
Elderflower Extract: softening, calming
Jojoba Wax Beads: gentle exfoliation, refining

Free From

Parabens, mineral oil

To Use

Exfoliate daily using this two-step process:
1) Work the scrub gently with wet hands or body brush using upper circular movements in the bath or shower, concentrating on problem areas such as elbows, knees and feet
2) Rinse with warm water. Follow with an application of your chosen moisturising body lotion or body butter.

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