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Deodorant Gel - Talc Fragrance

by Lab Nat


50ml wind-up




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  • With Alum Rock.
  • With moisturising glycerine.
  • Oranic Certified by AIAB.
  • Very Concentrated


A creamy, quick drying gel that glides on easily.
Formulated to reduce the risk of allergies, it kills bacteria and prevents odour whilst allowing your skin to breathe.

The no alcohol formula is suitable for sensitive skin or to use even after epilation.

With a delicate natural fragrance reminiscent of traditional talcum, subtle, soft and gentle.


Alcohol Free
Non sticky
Non greasy
Leaves no stains
AIAB Certified Organic
Nickel Tested


Alum Rock - a natural salt to help regulate perspiration, is a completely natural mineral known since antiquity and extracted initially in Mesopotamia near Rocca, hence the name.
Now used for its firming, toning and antibacterial benefits It helps normalize perspiration and refreshes and is ideal for all skin types and in particular the most sensitive ones.

Aloe Vera - naturally moisturising, skin smoothng and soothing.

Free From

Alcohol, parabens & aluminum chlorohydrate.

To Use

Wind up to release a small amount of gel through the perforated top and apply to clean dry skin.

Lab Nat Eco DeodorantsLab Nat Eco Deodorants

Organic Deodorants

  • Enriched with Organic Aloe Vera & Alum Rock.
  • Certified by AIAB - (Italian Association for Organic Farming).

Organic Deodorants with Alum Rock to effectively neutralise odours without blocking pores or causing irritation.
They help to prevent redness, swelling and itching allowing the skin to breathe.
Available in either spray, roll-on or gel formulations.

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