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Colour Boost Shampoo - Black

by HennaPlus


200ml pump bottle




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  • Refresh your hair for up to 3 months.
  • An easy to use, colour enhancing shampoo.
  • Adds colour and cleanses your hair in just one treatment.


Enriches and refreshes natural or coloured hair with an intensive, deep colour and natural shine.

Its unique Ammonia and Peroxide free formula with Colour Match technology revives your hair colour and camouflages the first grey hairs and outgrowth.

Your hair colour will become intensive, lively, fresh and sparkling once again. Botanical herbs and conditioning ingredients offer superior care and gloss.

Quick and easy to use as a shampoo.

When used once weekly the desired intensive colour result can be enjoyed for up to four washes.


Senna (Colourless Henna)
Witch Hazel

Free From

PPD, Resorcinol, Lawsone, Ammonia, Peroxide.


1. Quick and easy to use as a shampoo.
2. Intensifies and refreshes your hair colour.
3. Camouflages grey hairs and outgrowth.
4. One bottle lasts up to 3 months.

To Use

Simply wet hair and towel dry, apply the shampoo and massage in.

The interaction time varies for each colourant and full instructions are included with the product. Briefly, the Silver Boost only requires leaving for just 1-2 minutes, other shades leave for 10 - 15 minutes depending on the depth of colour required.

Please consult the enclosed instructions leaflet for specific recommended times.

A weekly application is recommended. One bottle gives 10-15 applications, thus lasting up to three months.


Available in nine colours:

Black - for dark brown to black hair
Brown - for light brown to dark brown hair
Warm Brown - for dark blond to dark brown hair
Purple Red - for medium brown to dark brown hair
Red - for dark blond to medium brown hair
Red Brown - for dark blond to dark brown hair
Copper - for dark blond to medium brown hair
Warm Blond - for medium blond to light brown hair
Silver - for grey and bleached hair, neutralises yellow


Can be used with any permanent or temporary colouring.

Hennaplus International Colour Systems

There are three internationally recognised and certified colour systems and these are based on durability and grey coverage.

System 1 - Temporary Colourings

Free from ammonia and peroxide they colour by attaching colour molecules to the hair shaft and are washed out after 8-10 washes. There is no outgrowth but can only colour up to one shade darker, cannot lighten and offers limited grey coverage.

Recommended product: HennaPlus Colour Cream.

Comments & Customer Reviews

HennaPlus - Colour Boost Shampoo - Black

" great product "  EAN Coventry

" It's a fabulous product. Please don't ever stop selling it. "  AFG Forest Row

" very pleased it works well "  FF Tamworth

" Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my recent purchase from you - Henna Plus black colour boost shampoo. It's amazing stuff! I've been looking for something like this to compliment my temporary colour for ages and this is the best solution ever. It smells great and is so easy to use. My hair looks and feels fabulous and I just can't believe the result. Many thanks - and whatever you do, don't stop selling it please! "  SA Clitheroe

" Best product ever used, great brand. "  PV Guildford

" Love this product...keeps my hair vibrant. Grey doesn't have to mean dull! "  MISS J. Barnsley

" Colour Refresher in Silver absolutely brilliant! Has really brought out the colour and everyone has commented. "  MRS H. Stockport

" Just use once a week and you will be amazed by the result. It deepens and enhances the shade of previously coloured hair and brings new life to your natural hair colour, adding a beautiful coloured gloss. Loaded with conditioning ingredients and vitamins to care for and protect hair; colourless henna extract gives extra shine, mallow, coltsfoot and mistletoe soothe and maintain a healthy scalp and castor oil restores moisture balance. "  WHAT We Say

" This shampoo gives a natural colour to silver hair, its brilliant. "  PK Knaresborough

" I am delighted with this product. This is my second purchase. Many Thanks. "  N.S. Dorking

HennaPlus Colour Maintenance

Colour Maintenance

  • Colouring, styling, and caring for the hair.

To keep your hair colour intense and beautiful in between two colourings, colour maintenance is the solution!

Perfect for refreshing or intensifying the colour of natural or coloured hair.

Specially selected botanical herbs and conditioning ingredients provide superior care and gloss.

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