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Natural Nail Polish Remover

by Benecos


125ml bottle




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  • Green Baeauty & Care.
  • Acetone-free & BDIH certified.
  • With precious Orange & Lemon Oil.


Naturally and gently removes natural nail polish from nails.

The certified natural formula is acetone-free and uses natural orange and lemon peel oil to effectively cleanse your nails without the use of chemicals.


Acetone free
Certified natural by BDIH
Gently removes nail polish without leaving the skin and nail feeling dry.
Suitable for Vegans


Orange Oil
Lemon Oil

Free From

Acetone, Tolulene, Camphor, Colophpny, Phtalates, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Silicones

To Use

Put a small amount of the remover on a cotton wool pad and wipe over the nail. For difficult to remove nail polish, hold the cotton pad on the nail for a few seconds.

After removing the nail polish apply some benecos hand and cuticle cream.

Benecos Nail Polish

Nail Polish

  • Ceritifesd Organic Ingredients.
  • Naturally Derived Fragrance.

Benecos nail polish is non-drying and very gentle on your nails as the Benecos nail polish does not contain harsh ingredients and is free from toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony.

Nail Polish is not BDIH Certified.

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