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Hawaiian Detox Towelettes

by Alba Botanica


Pack of 30




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  • With anti-pollution Volcanic Clay.
  • Hypo-allergenic


Everyday pollutants, from hands to makeup to grime in the air, soils your pores and causes complexion chaos. The powerful extraction action of real volcanic clay in this multi-tasking towelette loosens, absorbs and whisks away makeup and other problematic impurities.
Gentle lotus flower and torch ginger then tone and rebalance, leaving skin refreshed, renewed and absolutely clean.


Skin detoxifying
Hypo-allergenic and alcohol free for sensitive skin
Soft, biodegradable, FSC certified cloth


Aloe Vera Juice
Sweet Almond Oil
Orange Peel Oil
Pineapple Extract
Papaya Extract
Coconut Juice & Water
Strawberry Extract
Soap Bark Extract
Raspberry Extract
Blueberry Extract
Shea Butter
Torch Ginger
Yerba Mate
Indian Lotus

Free From

Parabens, alcohol, artificial colour, artificial fragrance, sulfates, phthalates and mineral oil.

To Use

Wipe face and neck to gently remove makeup and impurities.
Leaves no residue so there is no need to rinse.
Tightly reseal pack after each use.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Range

Hawaiian Detox Range

  • With anti-pollution Volcanic Clay.
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Natural, 100% vegetarian personal care products.
  • Leaping Bunny - Cruelty Free certified.

Exposure to everyday pollution from cars and chemicals can cause premature wrinkles, sun-spots and increased redness and inflammation.
These new daily detox solutions will take care of pollutants with a little help from volcanic clay, the Earth’s own detox powerhouse, which is found in each product in the Hawaiian Detox Collection.
This natural, mineral-rich substance is prized for its ability to extract, absorb and rid the skin of impurities including dirt and oil that can accumulate in pores and cause complexion chaos.  When skin is properly treated, it looks brighter, smoother and the clay’s unique texture polishes away unwanted dead skin cells.

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