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Tooth Stain Eraser

by Active Oral Care




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  • Assists in removing stains caused by tobacco, tea, coffee & soft drinks.
  • Special cleaning tip.
  • Angled rubber grip for ease of use.


To assist in the removal of stains caused by tea, coffee, tobacco & cola drinks.

A dental tool designed and developed to help in the cleaning of teeth and assist in the removal of unsightly stains.

To Use

1. Thoroughly brush and rinse teeth and gums before use.
2. Use light and even pressure to rub stained areas of teeth with cleaning tip.
3. Using short strokes change directions of rubbing movements reqularly.
4. Rinse and repeat if required.
5 Apply only gentle pressure in use.


Ideally use only once or twice a week.
Dispose of Tooth Stain Eraser when cleaning tip wears down to the metal mounting shaft.
Ensure extra care at the gum where the tooth enamel is thinner than other parts of the tooth. Do not use heavy pressure. Do not use on any exposed root surfaces.
If difficult stains persist, the use of a Tooth Stain Eraser is not an alternative to a regular visit to the dentist.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Active Oral Care - Tooth Stain Eraser

"The Tooth Stain Remover is wonderful!"  K.K. Colchester

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