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Aloe Vera Triple Action Spearmint Toothpaste

by AloeDent


100ml tube




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  • Spearmint fresh.
  • With Co Q10 & tea tree oil.
  • Cool minty freshness.
  • Flouride free, SLS free.


Aloe Dent have included some of nature's most trusted ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera, Co Q10 and Tea Tree Oil which help protect your teeth.

You can be sure that you are getting all the benefits of a fluoride-free toothpaste, rich in natural ingredients that really work, every time you brush.


- Natural protection
- Fights bacteria
- Healthy gums
- Fresh breath


Aloe Vera - helps soothe gums
Tea Tree Oil - natural antiseptic
Icelandic Moss - for natural whitening
Silica - for natural whitening
Icelandic Moss - for natural whitening
Chitosan - antibacterial
Stevia - natural sweetner
Co Q10 - helps keep gums healthy
Escin - helps keep gums healthy
Spearmint & Menthol - natural flavour

To Use

Brush twice daily for healthy teeth and gums.

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AloeDent Triple Action

  • Flouride free toothpaste.
  • More than just a brush with nature.
  • Triple action total protection.
  • Freshens, cleans, protects.
  • Flouride free, SLS free.

Regular brushing helps prevent cavities, plaque, tartar and gum problems.

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