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Medosan Light Legs Gel

Medosan Light Legs Gel

Light Legs Gel


Light Legs Gel

100ml tube


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Catalog ref: PI-020

Key Info

  • Swiss Formula
  • Leg Care Gel


Relieves aching legs and may strengthen the circulation and soothes swollen, heavy legs The cooling properties provide instant pain relief.

The mixture of carefully selected natural plant extracts have a refreshing, cooling effect while soothing the skin


Relieves aching legs.
Strengthens the circulation and relaxes the calves.
Soothes swollen, heavy legs.
Cooling properties provides instant pain relief.
Suitable for varicose veins.
Contains 9 natural ingredients.


Red Vine leaf Extract, menthol, valuable ginkgo extracts, marigold, horse-chestnut, rosemary, orange peel oil, yarrow,

Free From

Parabens, mineral oil, colourants, perfumes.

To Use

Massage gently into legs and calves several times daily as needed.


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