Martha Hill   

Energising Leg Gel

Martha Hill Energising Leg Gel

Energising Leg Gel

100ml tube


Catalog ref: MH-130

Key Info

  • With peppermint and lime oils.
  • Made in the UK.


Banish tired, aching legs with this wonderfully cooling, revitalising treatment gel.

Combining a wealth of toning and relaxing oils this refreshing gel is rapidly absorbed and easy to massage.

It will not leave your hands or legs feeling sticky and will help to prevent swollen legs and ankles during long journeys.

The fresh, cool fragrance of Lime and Witch Hazel is wonderfully refreshing.


Seaweed complex
Witch Hazel

Free From

Artificial Colour, Fragrance.

To Use

Massage onto ankles and legs using upward strokes.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Energising Leg Gel

" I suffer from leg cramps in bed at night and find that this Leg Gel immediately cures them. "  D.C., Frinton on Sea

" My husband swears by the Martha Hill Leg Gel for his shin splints. Absolutely excellent. "  JME, Poulton-Le-Fylde

" Ordered years ago but still of great benefit. "  HC, Accrington

" few months ago, I found Martha Hill Energising Leg Gel. It is is WONDERFUL! Amazing feel relief within a few minutes, unbelievable. (Ibuprofen Gel which I had on prescription for several years, is no longer affective). I heartily agree with all your positive customer comments. It is the best product I have used ever. "  MR, Martock

" Very pleased with the energising leg gel. Suffer badly with painful legs and varicose veins, this leg gel calms better than prescription treatment. "  PJ, Leeds

" The first application was incredible, the cooling gel was so good, after 3 applications over a 24 hour period I noticed a difference in my skin, it wasn't so red and although it was still swollen it didn't feel as tight. Last night again I applied the gel and this morning my feet are so much better, I was able to get on my shoes as well! "  B.R., Great Clacton

" I found the Energising Leg Gel very good on a recent holiday to the USA and on transatlantic flights - definitely reduced swelling around ankles etc. "  B.W., Huddersfield