Martha Hill   

Rejuvenating Leg Balm

Martha Hill Rejuvenating Leg Balm

Rejuvenating Leg Balm

100ml bottle


Catalog ref: MH-90

Key Info

  • For feather light legs.
  • With peppermint, sage, cypress leaf and horsetail extract .
  • With a unique Essential Oil Blend.


An ultra light lotion formulated to instantly cool and soothe tired, swollen heavy legs and ankles. The light gel is rapidly absorbed leaving no oily residue.

The formulation includes a unique tonic combining an essential oil blend, clinically trialed and proven to help reduce leg pain, heaviness and may help reduce varicose veins and improve circulation.
The blend also includes horsetail extract to help reduce inflammation, ginger mint to cool, plus witch hazel and sage extract.


Refreshing, cooling sensation;
Relaxing and soothing effect;
Immediate relief of pain.


V-Tonic - Consisting of five 100% pure and natural essential oils; Lemon, Lavandin, Cypress, Cistus Ladaniferus and Mentha Arvensis all demonstrating significant benefits in the relief of symptoms associated with tired, heavy or painful legs.

ECOCERT certified to COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

Lemon: helps circulation
Lavandin: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and refreshing
Cypress: decongestant helps reduce swelling
Cistus Ladaniferus: toning properties
Mentha Arvensis: refreshing fresh feel

Free From

Petrochemicals, parabens, colourants, fragrances.

To Use

Gently massage upwards into legs, ankles and feet daily.
Reapply whenever legs feel hot, aching or 'heavy'.


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Clinical Trial Of V-tonic

The formula has undergone an in-depth testing programme to reveal both immediate and long term effects of the complex on heavy and painful legs. The study was conducted under dermatological supervision on a panel of 30 women aged between 18 & 65 who presented with heavy legs or oedema of the lower limbs.
The testsreveal a clearly favourable result. After 1st application the tonic produces an intense feeling of coolness and relaxation and relieves pain. After 4 weeks of application there is a significant improvement in the symptoms associated with heavy legs.
(This information is presented in good faith but no warranty is given.)

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Rejuvenating Leg Balm

" Found this product instantly soothing and felt like it helped circulation. Really nice. "  EH, Market Harborough

" Just love this balm "  AM, Rotherham

" I find this very calming "  PB, London

" I'm extremely pleased with the pump bottle of the Martha Hill Leg Balm "  BB, Northwood

" I have left sided weakness and loss of feeling with pain and pins and needles in my leg and foot and this is the only balm that I have found that helps...thank you "  LA, Stockton-On-Tees

" The Leg Balm is really good, took all the pain away from my legs more or less straight away. "  TD, Nottingham

" The Leg Balm has made a huge difference to me. It really is an excellent product "  AM, Rotherham

" Recommended by a friend this cream has made my legs 75% better than before, its lovely. "  SB, Scarborough

" This product is great, lovely cooling ingredients and really does what is says. Also a little goes a long way. "  AH, St Leonards-On-Sea

" It's absolutely very good. I do like the Martha Hill Leg Balm "  JW, Wolverhampton

" The Rejuvenating Leg balm is very good. "  MH, London

" This Leg Balm is marvellous. Its really, really very good. Thank you "  PH, Sheffield

" Thank you for recommending the Martha Hill Leg Balm, I find it really good. "  CMR, Buckingham

" I am so pleased with the Leg Balm "  MW, Chesterfield

" The Leg Balm is really very good. "  GG, Cannock

" Fantastic product. "  PB, Bungay

" When I renew my B/Club membership I will request the Leg Balm as my product. It is easing the aching better than any other leg care product I have tried. Would recommend it to anyone with old aching legs. "  PJ, Leeds

" lovely product, it does really help with veins in hot weather. Very soothing "  SP, Sleaford

" I have had a complete knee replacement and I have used this to calm bruising and it is absolutely brilliant. "  JH, Kettering

" I find the Leg Balm really very good "  MPC, Glasgow

" I find this leg balm very helpful "  SF, Brough

" I have restless legs that drive me mad, I have tried everything and this is the only thing that work. It is a marvellous product. "  BW, Plymouth

" I was recommended the Leg Balm and it is lovely. So cooling and comfortable "  JF, Worcester

" Martha Hill Leg Balm is very good. "  MH, London

" Leg Balm is absolutely brilliant "  SH, Wellingborough

" I must say this is wonderful. Really good "  SJ, Coventry

" I must say it's very good, the best Leg Balm I've ever had "  SR, Taunton

" Absolutely marvellous product, it really really works. Makes my legs feel cold and cool, it isn't messy at all and you can wear stocking / bed socks over the balm. I have been with you for years and this is the best ever. It's magic. "  EWT, Ross-On-Wye

" Excellent product refreshes leg feelings and I am very senior so a great relief "  PB, London

" The Leg Balm is so lovely. "  JF, Worcester

" The Martha Hill leg balm is a fantastic product after an accident has helped so much Thank you "  PA, Seaford

" Extremely refreshing for my legs. "  NO, Solihull

" The Leg Balm is so good. I have pins and needles and it sees it right off. My right ankle was swelling and it brought that down too. "  BC, Clacton-On-Sea

" I found the Rejuvenating Leg Balm very useful "  MME, Felixstowe

" Leg Balm is marvellous, it really does work. A mini miracle "  MSCL, Peacehaven

" loved the leg balm so much i gave it to my daughter who is a nurse, so i need another one for me. its wonderful. "  JH, Doncaster

" This is really wonderful stuff "  CAG, Birmingham