Gengigel Mouthrinse

Gengigel Gengigel Mouthrinse

Gengigel Mouthrinse

150ml bottle


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Key Info

  • Promotes natural healing.
  • Soothes, heals & protects.
  • Restores & maintains healthy gums.


Works naturally to heal sore bleeding gums before it's too late. Proven in clinical trials to initiate the healing process when gum tissue has been damaged due to poor oral hygiene.

The active ingredient is Hyaluronan - a naturally occurring physiological constituent of connective tissue that helps to facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process. It binds easily to the skin forming a bond to restore and maintain healthy gums and soothe damaged or inflamed tissue and receding gums.


- Hyaluronan

Gengigel products are Medical Devices controlled by European Law.


The main ingredient in Gengigel, Hyaluronan, is an element naturally found in the body's connective tissues. The high concentration, will help to soothe and repair damage. Soothes mouth ulcers. For bleeding and sore gums.

To Use

After brushing apply 3-4 times daily for 3-4 weeks to ease soreness from oral surgery, tooth extraction, sore or receding gums.

Rinse with 10ml for 1-2 minutes and do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after use.


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Gengigel - Gengigel Mouthrinse

" This is the very best thing I can use "  EJF, Beaworthy