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Amazonian Avocado & Acerola Shampoo

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250ml bottle
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Amazonian Avocado & Babacu Conditioner

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IK-119 | 250ml bottle | Sold Out

250ml bottle
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  • Amazonian Hair Care.

The lush rain forests of South America are known for their remarkable beauty. Now you can help to preserve this beauty and enhance your own, with sumptuous products that bring the jungle’s many beneficial oils and plants right to your home.

Taken from “Tupi-guarani”, a South American indigenous language, Ikove means “growing”; to keep alive.

Additional Information

Preserving the environment is part of the Ikove Organic philosophy and they believe that creating opportunities for local communities of the Amazonian region is a way to preserve natural resources, to keep the rain forests alive and protect the earth. Ingredients are traced from the forest and farms to the bottle to ensure that all the suppliers are committed to environmental preservation and fair trade criteria.