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Hydrea London

Hydrea London - Bamboo & Loofah Sponge

Bamboo & Loofah Sponge

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-BLS | 15cms x 10cms x 5cms | £ 5.75 | Add to Basket

15cms x 10cms x 5cms
£ 5.75 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Exfoliating Stretch Backstrap

Exfoliating Stretch Backstrap

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-BS02 | 21cm x 43cm | £ 7.50 | Add to Basket

21cm x 43cm
£ 7.50 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Japanese Spa Foot Brush

Japanese Spa Foot Brush

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-JNB2 | £ 4.99 | Add to Basket

£ 4.99 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Luxury Bamboo Washcloth

Luxury Bamboo Washcloth

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-530 | 30cm x 30cm | £ 5.99 | Add to Basket

30cm x 30cm
£ 5.99 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Natural Cotton Exfoliating Gloves

Natural Cotton Exfoliating Gloves

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-CEG2 | 1 pair (fits all) | £ 5.95 | Out of Stock

1 pair (fits all)
£ 5.95 | Out of Stock

Hydrea London - Organic Loofah Facial Cleansing Pad

Organic Loofah Facial Cleansing Pad

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-LO10 | 10cm diameter | £ 3.95 | Add to Basket

10cm diameter
£ 3.95 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-PUSR | 9cm x 4cm | £ 2.99 | Add to Basket

9cm x 4cm
£ 2.99 | Add to Basket

Hydrea London - Cosmetic Sponges

Cosmetic Sponges

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-CSS | Pack of 3 | Sold Out

Pack of 3
Sold Out

Hydrea London - Japanese Spa Hand & Nail Brush

Japanese Spa Hand & Nail Brush

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-SJNB | 15cms long | Sold Out

15cms long
Sold Out

Hydrea London - Marseille Honeysuckle Soap

Marseille Honeysuckle Soap

Hydrea London | more info....

HD-SPMR | 125g bar | Sold Out

125g bar
Sold Out

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Hydrea London

Hydrea London

  • Natural Essentials

A range of natural bath and body care accessories and known as the most ethical and best quality brand available in the market.

Hydrea London is now an international brand supplying luxurious bodycare all around the world!


Hydrea take pride in being able to provide the most comprehensive range of high quality eco-friendly bodycare accessories at the best prices. The products are distinctive in terms of:¬ Eco-friendliness and sustainability¬ Superior products in quality and design¬ Luxury¬ Functionality, durability and ease of use¬ Value for money

The majority of the products are European in origin and made from the finest natural materials ethically sourced.

They are closely involved in the whole production process from design of the product and manufacture to quality control. For example, they use the superior quality organic Egyptian Loofah and Egyptian cotton for mitts and pads.