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Nitty Gritty .

  • The Natural Treatment for Head Lice.

Nitty Gritty is fast becoming one of the most sought after natural solutions to the persistent problem of head lice in the UK. The Nitty Gritty Head Lice Kit and NitFree Comb were developed by three Mums desperate to find an effective, gentle remedy for this persistant problem and who were reluctant to use chemicals on their children's hair. It is a highly effective, pleasant smelling natural solution to combat the problem of head lice.

Free from organo-phosphates and pesticides, Nitty Gritty is suitable for both asthmatics and nut allergy sufferers

Additional Information

What are lice?

Lice are small, wingless, beige-white insects about the size of a sesame seed when fully grown. They live for about 25 -35 days on a human, but they rarely live more than 48 hours off the human body. They cannot hop, skip, jump or fly. Lice are transmitted by close head to head contact with an infested person. This is why they are so common in primary school children.¬What are nits?

Nits are the louse eggs. They are small (about the size of a pin head), white to cream in colour and they look like a tiny teardrop. Head lice glue their eggs to the base of the hair shaft, frequently behind the ears or on the nape of the neck. Nits found further than about 1 cm down the hair shaft will be empty shells and only need to be removed for cosmetic reasons.¬How can you tell if someone has head lice?

Lice can cause itching of the scalp, but this is not always the case. On dark hair the eggs can sometimes be seen easily with the naked eye. The best way to tell if someone has head lice is to check regularly (once a week) in good natural light. It is important that you carefully and thoroughly inspect the person's head, particularly the back of their neck and around their ears. Remember: dandruff, flaky scalp and sand in the hair can be confused with nits. The nits are always attached to the hair shaft and are difficult to dislodge.