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Martha Hill Soothing Skin

Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Wash

Soothing Skin Wash

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-96S | 150ml bottle | £ 10.50 | Add to Basket

150ml bottle
£ 10.50 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Care Collection (with jute flower bag)

Soothing Skin Care Collection (with jute flower bag)

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MH-SSCS | set of 3 |  £41.00  | £ 32.80 | Add to Basket

set of 3
 £41.00  | £ 32.80 | Add to..

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Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Tonic

Soothing Skin Tonic

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MH-97S | 150ml bottle | £ 11.00 | Add to Basket

150ml bottle
£ 11.00 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Relief

New  Soothing Skin Relief

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MH-98M | 100ml tube | £ 19.50 | Add to Basket

100ml tube
£ 19.50 | Add to Basket

MH-98S | 50ml jar | £ 13.50 | Add to Basket

50ml jar
£ 13.50 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Care Duo (Skin Relief & Tonic)

Soothing Skin Care Duo (Skin Relief & Tonic)

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-SCD | 2 products |  £30.50  | £ 25.00 | Add to Basket

2 products
 £30.50  | £ 25.00 | Add to..

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Soothing Skin Range

  • With meadowsweet & tarvine.
  • For easily irritated, maturing skin.
  • For acne & rosacea prone skin.

Following two years of research, we have created this three step solution for easily irritated, acne and roseacea prone skin.

Incorporating naturally active botanicals to soothe, helping to calm redness, irritation and itching. In addition acne-fighting ingredients help maintain clear skin and herbal extracts with key anti-ageing benefits may improve skin texture, restore hydration and help maintain a smooth supple complexion.

All are free from artificial colour, perfume, SLS/SLES, primary petrochemicals and parabens.

Naturally Active Ingredients

Meadowsweet (Spirea Ulmaria) - stimulates the skin's natural anti-bacterial defenses and also reduces pores to improve both skin tone and texture. In clinical trials 71% presented a significant reduction in spots and 75% reported a reduction in pore size.

Tarvine (Boerhavia Diffusa) - is one of the renowned medicinal plants and is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of both environmental and biological stress. Soothes flushed, irritated skin and leaves skin soft and supple. In a consumer trial volunteers reported a significant reduction in redness, sensitivity and irritability.

Sodium Hyaluronate - has incredible moisturising benefits and maintains day long hydration. Noted for its anti-ageing benefits helping to improve skin tone.

Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil - are rich in essential vitamins and help nourish and re-balance maintaining smooth supple skin and preventing dry, flaky patches.

Gotu Kola - is a natural anti-inflamatory and helps to improve circulation, strengthens and protects.

Oat Beta Glucan - demonstrates amazing anti-ageing benefits and improves elasticity.