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Martha Hill Mimosa Hydrating

Martha Hill - Mimosa Dusting Powder

Mimosa Dusting Powder

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-185 | 100g shaker |  £6.20  | £ 4.95 | Add to Basket

100g shaker
 £6.20  | £ 4.95 | Add to..

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Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Cream Cleanser

Mimosa Hydrating Cream Cleanser

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-86S | 100ml jar | £ 11.00 | Add to Basket

100ml jar
£ 11.00 | Add to Basket

MH-86T | 30ml tube | £ 5.00 | Add to Basket

30ml tube
£ 5.00 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream

Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream

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MH-88M | 100ml jar | £ 20.50 | Add to Basket

100ml jar
£ 20.50 | Add to Basket

MH-88S | 50ml jar | £ 12.00 | Add to Basket

50ml jar
£ 12.00 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Night Cream

Mimosa Hydrating Night Cream

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MH-81M | 100ml jar | £ 24.70 | Add to Basket

100ml jar
£ 24.70 | Add to Basket

MH-81S | 50ml jar | £ 14.50 | Add to Basket

50ml jar
£ 14.50 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Day & Night Duo

Mimosa Hydrating Day & Night Duo

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-MHD | 2 x 50ml jars |  £26.50  | £ 19.90 | Add to Basket

2 x 50ml jars
 £26.50  | £ 19.90 | Add to..

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Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Body Lotion

Mimosa Hydrating Body Lotion

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MH-108M | 250ml bottle | £ 10.90 | Add to Basket

250ml bottle
£ 10.90 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Mimosa Body Care Duo

Mimosa Body Care Duo

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MH-MBD | 250ml + 100g |  £17.10  | £ 10.95 | Add to Basket

250ml + 100g
 £17.10  | £ 10.95 | Add to..

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Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Set

Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Set

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-MHSM | 4 x 100ml jars * |  £67.20  | £ 50.40 | Add to Basket

4 x 100ml jars *
 £67.20  | £ 50.40 | Add to..

MH-MHSS | 3 x standard * |  £37.50  | £ 30.00 | Add to Basket

3 x standard *
 £37.50  | £ 30.00 | Add to..

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Martha Hill

Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Range

  • An essential three step skin care routine.
  • Perfect for dry, maturing skin.

Martha Hill's Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Range is specially designed to restore and maintain your skin's moisture balance. This protective and beneficial range incorporates a unique blend of natural, active ingredients with an amazing new fragrance concept. Created by one of Europe's top perfumiers, this naturally blended fragrance of Jasmine and Water Lily works with the proven benefits of essential oils, helping to prevent moisture loss and maintaining natural hydration. Its subtle scent will also calm and soothe, reducing stress and evoking a general feeling of well being.

Suitable for complexions that are: dry; de-hydrated; maturing.

Free from Mineral Oil, Parabens and Artificial Colour. UK made and cruelty free.

Additional Information

Incorporating as its base many of the tried and tested original Martha Hill formulations, this exciting new range is perfect for skin that is dry and maturing.

Martha Hill Mimosa Hydrating skin care contains a special combination of 'Hydrafleur' actiscent, and harmonising natural oils to protect, revive and refresh.

Actiscent Hydrafleur

A key ingredient in the Mimosa Hydrating Range, combining a delicious, soothing fragrance with an active blend of floral oils and essences.

Key Ingredients In Hydrafleur

Copahu Essential Oil: Copahu oil is traditionally used as a herbal remedy for skin disorders, insect bites, to cool inflammation and for dermatitis and psoriasis. Commercially it is used in perfumes and cosmetics for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient (soothing and softening) properties.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: A fragrant oil extracted from the small but beautiful flower of the cananga tree and native to the Philippines and Indonesia. The fragrance of ylang ylang is rich and deep. It softens and smoothes skin, normalises sebum secretion and is considered to be both calming and an aphrodisiac.

Mimosa Absolute: Mimosa is known as the flower of collective happiness. The comforting, slightly sweet fragrance helps relax and calm the body and mind, soothing the spirit and easing tension. An excellent skin softener, mimosa also possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, and helps to restore the skin's natural balance while it moisturises, nourishes and protects. In addition it can help to fight the deteriorating effects of oxidising free radicals to repair and renew skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Juniper Berry Absolute: This is a slightly astringent and stimulating oil with a sweet, clearing aroma. It will help to detoxify and clear congested skin. Dull, devitalised skin will be restored to a natural healthy glow by removal of unwanted toxins. Helps relieve blocked pores, heals and soothes.