Nail Serum

Spirularin Nail Serum

Nail Serum

10ml bottle

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Key Info

  • Stimulates Healthy Nail Growth - Works Naturally


Spirularin nail serum allow nails to stay smooth and looking beautiful by keeping them moisturised and boosting the skins immunity to infection. The nail serum prevents fungal infections by using a patented spirulina microalgae extract which has been proven to provide effective protection from microbial and nail infections.

Spirulina microalgae is intensively robust. They are one of the oldest forms of life on earth. Their successful survival through the millenia is mainly due to two unique Spirulina properties: a highly effective defence against harmful microbes, and their inherent ability to regenerate.

In cases such as diabetes, injuries or just getting older, the skin often barrier weakens, the nails dry out and become more prone to infection.

Spirularin nail serum offer high levels of moisturising which keeps skin supple while regenerating it, giving it back its natural elasticity and boosting its immunity to infection. To help this process, the serum contains extracts from witch hazel, vegetable betaine, jojoba oils and liquorice root, which are known for their skin regenerating properties.


In 2013 Spirularin nail serum was also awarded German product of the year in aesthetic dermatology.


Siprularin nail serum is safe and can be used by children, those with diabetes, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

To Use

Apply a small drop of on all finger nails twice daily (day and night), massage properly into the nails and cuticles until no residue remains.


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