Napiers Venatone Herbal Leg Cream

Venatone Herbal Leg Cream

Venatone Herbal Leg Cream

100ml jar


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Catalog ref: NP-378

Key Info

  • For varicose veins and aching legs.
  • With horsechestnut seed extract.
  • Now presented in a jar.


Dare to bare your legs with this fabulous toning leg cream, helping to smooth bumpy cellulite and reduce spider veins.

Venatone cream contain 9 botanical extracts to tone and tighten your skin. No more hiding your legs in trousers or long skirts.

The natural botanical extracts in Venatone are high in tannins which have a natural toning and tightening effect, smoothing out uneven skin surface. Horse chestnut seed also contains aescin which helps to tone and strengthen the capillary structure and reduce puffiness.

Oak bark contains natural proanthcyanidins which are vasoactive and powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and help to slow the signs of aging. With comfrey, these extracts help to renew & stabilise collagen, and maintain elastin, two critical proteins that support connective tissue and capillary walls.


Improves the appearance of your skin.
Tones & smooths bumpy skin and cellulite.
Relieves puffiness in ankles and knees.
Tones skin's underlying capillary structure.
Reduces appearance of thread & spider veins.
Gentle enough to also use on face veins.
Wonderful leg massage cream for tired, achy, sore legs.
Rub in when you've been on your feet all day.
Conditions upper arms and 'bingo wings' .
Regular massage helps to improve circulation.
Contains a unique traditional blend of plant extracts, used by herbalists for generations.


Shea butterCocoa Butter
Flaxseed Oil
Horsechestnut Extract
Butchers Broom Extract
Witch Hazel Extract
Yarrow Extract
Plantain Extract
Red Oak Extract
Wheatgerm Oil
Lavender Oil
Aloe Vera Powder

Free From

Mineral oil
Artificial Colour

To Use

Apply two to three times a day, massaging in with circular or upward strokes towards the direction of the heart.
Use regularly over several weeks for full effect.
Do not use on broken skin.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" It's really good this leg cream. I've been without for a while and miss it as it really helps my painful legs. "  JL, Southend-on-Sea

" From going on blood thinning tablets the varicose veins on my legs were very uncomfortable. The Venatone Cream has made them more comfortable. Thank you for your wonderful treatments. "  AL, Woodford Green

" Venatone Cream is brilliant, initially thought just for the veins it has done wonders for very dry skin on my legs. "  LA, Bracknell

" Really Lovely Cream "  PI, Wisbech