Naturally European Room Diffuser - Freesia & Pear

Room Diffuser - Freesia & Pear

Room Diffuser - Freesia & Pear


Freesia & Pear   

100ml bottle + reeds

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Key Info

  • Reed diffusers to fragrance your home.


Inspired by the fresh fragrances found on an aromatic journey through Europe.

This stylish diffuser looks elegant and allows you to enjoy the sweet-smelling aromas of your favourite scent. Simply place the reeds into the fragrance and let the perfume delicately infuse your home.

In addition, they include a new ingredient, Augeo which is environmentally friendly and has a low evaporation rate.


Each Naturally European Room Diffuser is made using a new ingredient called Augeo Clean Multi. This is environmentally friendly and made from a renewable source and has a low carbon footprint.

Augeo has an extremely subtle aroma, so you’ll only smell the delightful Naturally European fragrances. It also has a low evaporation rate, so the scent will last and last!

Naturally European Room Diffusers are re-sealable for your convenience. Choose from the following fragrances: Freesia & Pear, Neroli & Tangerine, Rose Petal or Verbena.

Choose From

Freesia & Pear - The sweet and juicy aroma of pear with the delicate, floral fragrance of freesia. This creates a superbly uplifting scent to revive your senses.

Neroli & Tangerine - The smooth, honeyed fragrance of neroli is beautifully complemented by the zesty tang of tangerine.

Verbena - A sweet, citrusy perfume that is much loved across European perfume houses.

Rose Petal - The sweet smell of rose petals creates a classic, sophisticated fragrance.

To Use

1. Unscrew the black collar, remove the plastic stopper and then reattach the black screw top collar.
2. Place the reeds provided into the bottle and leave for a few minutes to allow the perfume to be absorbed.
3. Remove the reeds from the bottle and place the dry ends back into the oil to absorb more of the fragrance.
If you wish to increase the intensity of the aroma, repeat step 3 until you reach the desired effect. The rate of evaporation is dependent on air conditions and the frequency with which the reeds are turned.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" hello I have had this diffuser before and the smell is lovely long lasting fragrance. cannot wait to order another one "  BC, Benfleet