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24 Hour Facial Care Duo

Martha Hill 24 Hour Facial Care Duo

24 Hour Facial Care Duo

2 x 100ml jars

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Key Info

  • Daily care for face, throat and neck.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


Two key products to moisturise, nourish and protect.

Intensive 24 Hour Moisturiser - 100ml jar.
This easiy absorbed moisturising cream is enriched with herbal extracts and advanced hydrating agents to give instant comfort to dry skin and restore a healthy appearance to devitalised or dull complexions.

Hydro Cream for Throat & Neck - 100ml jar.
Formulated to be absorbed rapidly with moisturising, skin softening ingredients and refining toners to maintain firm, supple skin, improving tone and texture and thus reducing the risk of premature lines and skin slackening.


Rosehip oil.
Jojoba oil.
Aloe vera.
Vitamin E.
Witch Hazel.
Cucumber Extract.
Carrot Oil.

Free From

Artificial colour.
Primary Petro-chemicals.
Parabens Preservative.


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