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Honey Hydro Moisturiser

Martha Hill Honey Hydro Moisturiser

Honey Hydro Moisturiser


Catalog ref: MH-15S

Key Info

  • For dry, sensitive, problem skin.
  • With apricot & green tea.
  • Suitable for skin prone to adult acne and roseacea.


A gentle, soothing daytime moisturiser to revitalise dull skin, help maintain moisture balance and protect throughout the day. Enriched with Apricot Oil and Green Tea Extract to soothe and calm.

Free from any fragrance and easily absorbed this non-oily cream will keep your skin smooth and supple.


Apricot oil
Green Tea extract

Free From

Artificial colour.
Chemical sunscreen.

To Use

Apply every morning to face and neck after cleansing and leave to be absorbed.


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About Honey

Honey is a natural anti-oxidant and an effective moisturiser, having the ability to both absorb and retain moisture. Honey is a natural antiseptic and lifts impurities from the pores making it an ideal cleansing agent. Egyptian beauties regularly applied honey and milk to the face to keep the skin young-looking, radiant, and smooth.

About Apricot Oil

Apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind. It is perfect for dry skin, and is mild enough for the most sensitive, delicate complexions. The oil contains both oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids and is high in vitamins A and E. It will help to soothe dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

About Green Tea

Green Tea (camelia sinensis) has many skin benefits and studies have credibly demonstrated that topical green tea formulations reduce sun damage by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation. Further studies also showed benefits in the treatment of roseacea. High in polyphenols the extract may slow down the development of wrinkles and fine lines, soothe stressed skin and firm and restore skin tone.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

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" I've gotten regular compliment for years using your Honey Hydro Moisturiser Martha Hill, thank you. "  RM, Liverpool

" Used the sample of the Honey Hydro moisturiser that you sent and was really pleased with it. It has been so hard to find a moisturiser that does the job without being too heavy (which can be very irritating to my eczema). This was just brilliant so decided to get a full size product. Thank you. "  SD, Oakham

" Really love these honey products "  FB, Ormskirk

" Great Products - my skin is much better since using the honey Moisturiser "  DP, Whitland

" Can't live without this moisturiser "  MM, Newry

" Thank you for your continued good work and excellent product. "  AW, Northampton

" Love your MARTHA HILL products. I’ve been using them for many, many years. Would definitely recommend.x "  JB, Ryde

" I've tried many moisturisers over the years,but nothing compares to your Honey Hydro Moisturiser. Excellent, and I love it "  JB, Ryde

" I think it is absolutely marvellous. I wouldn't be without it. "  AG, Crowborough

" thank you very much. my wife is very glad I found your product on my computer. its the best moisturiser she has ever used thanks "  CS, Swindon

" lovely product "  SC, Rugby

" Love this product, and thank you for easy ordering & prompt delivery. "  PL, Stockton-On-Tees

" Very good product "  SC, Rugby

" Received the Honey Hydro which I find beautiful. Am now going a bit further to assist my facial regime. "  GK, Bromley

" The Honey Hydro Moisturiser has done me so much good. I have rosacea and you would hardly know i have it now. Much better than the many creams i have been prescribed. "  MJH, Bexhill-On-Sea

" Love your Martha Hill products. Have been using the honey moisturiser for years. "  JB, Ryde

" So far I have only tried one of your products -honey moisturiser -which I like a lot. "  JMA, Belper

" Another great offer from my favourite skin care brand, thank you! "  CF, Malvern

" Always pleased with my Honey products [I find I can't use anything else on my skin "  DP, Chard

" I'm in 80s now and nobody knows thanks to your moisturisers. "  DH, Sidmouth

" I've tried other brands, some expensive, but, still prefer Martha Hill. Perfect for my mature skin. Love the honey AND mimosa. I buy the two, and mix them together.Perfect, "  JB, Ryde

" Your creams are the best! "  EC, Stamford

" Love your products. Especially the Honey Hydro moisturiser. Wonderful for my mature skin. Orders always packed with care. Big thank you.x "  JB, Isle Of Wight

" Love this moisturiser, it's fantastic for my skin! "  ES, Northwich

" I really like the honey hydro moisturiser which is very effective. It is easy to apply and lasts well. "  PEL, Chester

" Thanks again for great offers on super products. Love Martha Hill products "  AJ, Reading

" Would definitely recommend your Honey Hydro Moisturiser. It is so good for my skin. I love it.x "  JB, Ryde

" Always a pleasure getting my Honey Hydro Moisturiser from you.Excellent staff, excellent in every way, and I love this moisturiser. I’ve tried different brands but this is by far the best for me,Thank you.xx "  JB, Ryde

" I always use Martha Hill Honey face moisturiser, and Martha Hill foot rejuvenating spray. I’ve tried other brands but nothing even comes close to Martha Hill.x "  JB, Ryde

" This cream is fantastic. In my mature years I seem to develop skin allergies from time to time but not with this and it has eradicated rough patches on my face. "  MJS, Godalming

" Had a free sample of this moisturiser and find it is so good for my skin - great!! Thank you "  SEH, Rhyl

" I have used the honey cleanser and moisturiser for years now lovely light weight cream and very affordable "  FB, Skelmersdale

" Martha Hill products are my favourite. I’ve used them for years…x Wonderful, very helpful staff too. "  JB, Ryde

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" I love this product. My skin feels great "  CD, Nottingham

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" I love your products, especially the Martha Hill honey moisturiser, and have been a very happy customer for many years. x "  JB, Ryde

" Best moisturiser ever !!! "  JM, Sturminster Newton

" For two years I have had real problems with sore skin on my face, which no-one wants, and feeling particularly self conscious and unhappy, I came across your advert. The cream was instantly soothing, as I am allergic to steroids it was a big relief to find a product that is natural and has made me feel there is hope out there to ease my skin problem. Thank you. "  AW, Market Harborough

" Love your Honey Products, especially the moisturiser. Excellent product. I work for a Beauty Company, but nothing compares to your Honey Moisturiser. Thank you "  J.B., Ryde

" The Honey Hydro Moisturiser is my all time favourite. I’ve been using it for many years.Perfect for my mature, sensitive skin. "  JB, Ryde

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" As always, I love all your Martha Hill products. Perfect for my skin..x "  JB, Ryde

" Thankyou for the speedy despatch of the honey hydro treatment and moisturiser, it has been a revelation to me, healing my sore skin where prescription creams have failed and giving me my self confidence back, so thankyou "  AW, Market Harborough

" I always use Martha Hill….I’ve tried other makes..some more expensive, but nothing even comes close..especially love the Honey moisturiser. It’s perfect for my skin..I’m 69 years of age and my skin just loves the honey.x "  JB, Ryde

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