Martha Hill Evening Primrose Moisturiser

Evening Primrose Moisturiser

Evening Primrose Moisturiser

50ml jar


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Catalog ref: MH-68S

Key Info

  • Light day cream.
  • With avocado and rose geranium.
  • For dry, dehydrated, maturing complexions.


This light daytime moisturiser has a delicate rose fragrance and is easily absorbed.

Recommended for daily use to smooth, soften and protect from dehydration.

The cool, soothing cream will calm minor irritations and reduce the damaging effects of climate and pollution.

Contains a perfectly balanced combination of natural plant oils and a low factor sunscreen for added daytime protection.


Oil of Evening Primrose
Avocado oil
Sesame oil
Vitamin A
Rose Geranium oil
Carrot oil
Low protection sun filter

Free From

Artificial colour and fragrance.

Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

To Use

Apply every morning to face and neck after cleansing. Re-apply during the day if skin feels dry or taut.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" One of the best moisturisers I have ever used. "  R. R. ST, Ives

" Having spent most of my life with such delicate and often sore skin, finding Evening Primrose Moisturiser was like a gift from heaven, and I have gone from sensitive, extremely dry, flaking, cracking skin, to having people tell me my skin looks flawless, or my complexion is beautiful. After over 30 years of that, I never tire of hearing such compliments, even though I do blush. I have to always say it wasn't a blessing from Mother Nature but a gift from Martha Hill! "  , D.K.

" The Evening Primrose is very good for my skin. I've been using it for years "  BF, Preston

" Just love this product. "  SO, Kidderminster

" the best cream in the world ! "  CH, Crickhowell

" Love the product. "  MP, Solihull

" thank you for this product I wouldn't be without it! "  MM, Taunton

" I have been using these two products for many years and am very pleased with the results over the period of time, excellent products and excellent value for money. "  LH, Alcester

" Been using this cream for years. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them my age. I'm sure the two things are connected! "  TS, Watford

" Wonderful to have a product that actually works and is made of natural ingredients. Plus the added bonus of reasonable cost and a fast efficient service. Thank you. "  S.G., Thirsk

" Can't live without this moisturiser, been using for years. "  JC, South Croydon

" Martha Hill is excellent stuff. "  CM, Stanmore

" Great product moisturiser so will try 2 new products today "  MAM, Broadstairs

" This product is excellent, so glad I found it! "  SMH, Crediton

" I always come back to a product I can rely on. "  LMH, Lincoln

" I love these products and am spreading the news about them. "  PR, Preston

" Have used this product for some years now, I'm 70 and my skin often has compliments, its an excellent product, far better than clinique, etc. "  JK, Bridgend

" Fantastic cream !!!!!! "  CH, Dumfries

" Yet another order for your fabulous EP moisturiser. I have been using it for YEARS and everyone says how young my skin looks! Brilliant product. "  BG, Lymm

" The very best moisturiser I have ever used. "  SW, Fleet

" The best product I've used,reasonable price,free & fast delivery. Thank you. "  M. H., Devizes

" I find it smooth and good to use, so I like it "  AC, London

" Lovely creams. My skin always feels so soft. "  LH, Camberley

" Love this cream always good service "  LA, Stockton-On-Tees

" Have used this cream before, its a light moisturiser just right for my skin type. definitely would buy again. "  CM, Bath

" I have used the Evening Primrose Moisturiser for years. It is an excellent moisturiser. "  WAB, Ross-On-Wye

" Hi, my wife loves this product "  SN, Prenton

" Thank you for a great cream and service over the years! "  IR, London

" Always lovely products - I have been using the evening primrose for years "  HK, Bridport

" Thank you for your wonderful moisturiser. "  SO, Kidderminster

" A lovely product, and my skin feels much better. "  SE, Clevedon

" have used this before it`s a lovely cream which my skin absorbs rapidly Thank you I`m 77 and no wrinkles as I mosturise every day NO SOAP!! "  EMB, York

" I have had Martha Hill products in the past - wonderful :) "  CB, Northampton

" I used to order Martha Hill products as a teenager and just rediscovered it again more than 30 years later and the cream brought back memories and still as lovely as ever! Very pleased and worth the price. "  DG, Ipswich

" Lovely cream and always a great service. "  SE, Inverurie

" I love your products. I have used the moisturiser and night cream for over 40 years "  JP, Kings Lynn

" Thank you all so much for your wonderful products and brilliant service, as an older person I am so grateful for the Evening Primrose products "  CC, Bridgwater

" The Evening Primrose Moisturiser is the best I have ever used - skin feels wonderful all day. "  J.O., Kilkenzie

" very prompt as always "  JAN, Clevedon

" I have tried many creams, some expensive, however the Evening Primrose is so easy to me, even on my eyes. Excellent! "  AG, Leicester

" Long ago I used to get Cyclax which was lovely. This is the nearest to it. It's just perfect. "  MM, Fochabers

" Thank you! You know a cream is good when your teenage son starts using it!! "  RG, London

" Your Evening Primrose products are a permanent in my life. Just the best. Perfect for my 'funny' skin. Thank You "  BJ, Croydon

" My daughter and I love these products "  MM, Esher

" Thanks for these great products !! "  PEJ, Lincoln

" I am now 78 and people endlessly say to me they don't believe it. I put it down to Martha Hill. "  R, Reading

" Have been using for years, most people remark on my skin. It is a really lovely cream, wouldn't use anything else "  MAG, Cheltenham

" Love this stuff. "  SG, Camberley

" Your Evening Primrose Moisturiser is just right for my mature skin. "  JS, Castleford

" Love this product. Ideal for use under make up. Good value as lasts a long time. "  ARH, Alresford

" I absolutely love all your products especially the evening Primrose range and the service is excellent, a hug thank you to the wonderful staff. "  CC, Bridgwater

" Lovely product! "  ES, Cambridge

" I ordered the free Evening Primrose Moisturiser through My Mail Rewards and congratulate you for the speedy delivery. I have to say that (I am 56) when I applied my foundation afterwards I absolutely noticed that my skin looked smoother and less age lined than usual! Fantastic product!! Will definitely re-order. "  JM, Sevenoaks

" I swear by this product. It's very, very good. "  JC, South Croydon

" My favourite, don't want to try any other product. "  MH, Porthmadog

" I have been using this Moisturiser for years and have been more than satisfied. "  M.A., Stranraer.

" This is the only Moisturiser I have tried that seems to hold make-up all day without shine. "  E.F., Edinburgh

" Love your Evening Primrose Moisturiser - my favourite. "  AP, High Wycombe

" Great product, I have used it for many years "  HJ, Godalming

" Primrose Moisturiser very soft and gentle "  PR, Peterborough

" Thank you. My order arrived safe and sound and I am as delighted as ever with the product. "  CC, Belfast

" Wonderful products, don't know what I'd do without them. "  BJ, Croydon

" Thank You - lovely product. "  CJR, Stroud

" Well satisfied with the Evening Primrose Moisturiser,been using it for about 25 years having recieved free sample via Yours Magazine. "  M.D., Shaftesbury

" Your moisturizer is still better than other brands, so thank you "  VP, Mold

" i love your Evening Primrose Moisturiser this is the 3rd time i have order i use every day "  MW, Maidstone

" I'm finding your face cream is ideal for my skin, as I age (am now 58) I need to use more moisturiser, so have ordered a larger size this time. "  GN, Huddersfield

" I saw a big improvement in my dry skin after using the Evening Primrose Moisturiser & Nourishing Cream. It's a miracle to me after suffering with dryness for 10 years. "  BG, Manchester

" Am loving the evening primrose moisturiser and nourishing cream. Seem to be perfect for my 50year old skin!!! "  CA, Mauchline

" I've used evening primrose cream for a number of years and then I discovered this one, much cheaper than the one I'm used to but the quality is just as good if not better. You only need a tiny bit and it sinks straight into your skin with no greasy residue, will definitely buy again. "  PB, Sheffield

" I'm 91 now and have always used the Evening Primrose Moisturiser & Nourishing Cream. My skin is not bad at all. "  ML, Tewkesbury

" I think this cream is absolutely fabulous. "  MNB, Nottingham

" Thank you for your 100% reliable Evening Primrose moisturiser "  SO, Pershore

" Love this moisturiser "  CP, Newark

" I foolishly tried a different make moisturiser and it stung my eyes so going back to Evening primrose which I have used for more years than I like to remember and I know is so good. "  DH, Watford

" GREAT PRODUCT and all thanks to using a free sample. "  MAM, Broadstairs

" Evening primrose moisturiser is very good. Like a product Body Shop stopped about 15 years ago. I'd been looking for something like it and this is it "  CW, Par

" Love this cream and delivered very quickly. "  CP, Newark

" I simply love these products and have noticed a difference in my skin's appearance, thank you. "  AA, Peterborough

" The Evening Primrose moisturiser is fabulous. Please always stock it "  SO, Pershore

" Your moisturiser keeps my 81yr old face as smooth as a 'baby's bottom' ! "  EV, Beaminster

" A tried and tested cream I always use "  LMH, Lincoln

" My skin is very, very sensitive but I can rely on the Evening Primrose range to do a wonderful job. I rely on this range & would be lost without it. "  B.J., Croydon

" I've been buying from Martha Hill for quite a few years. I live the products and the service "  JB, Sutton

" love your product "  MAM, Broadstairs

" Love your Martha Hill moisturisers. "  GB, Liverpool

" I have been looking for evening primrose moisturiser for my mother in law in all our shops but have been unable to find, so thank you very much for stocking. "  PL, Norwich

" Love this product and the prompt, efficient way it gets to me :-) "  JC, Castle Cary

" The Evening Primrose Cream is amazing.I have nearly finished my first jar and can see great results.My skin is softer and much improved. "  C.A., Cheltenham

" - Fantastic face moisturiser! "  IR, London

" love your products, they feel so rich and creamy "  AK, London

" I found Martha Hill face in the 1960s when I was around 25. My skin was excessively greasy in those days and I spent loads of money on expensive lotions trying to calm it I saw a article in the newspaper saying Diana Rig used Martha Hill so I thought I’d try it. It was wonderful I could use a moisturiser without looking shiny and greasy, it changed my life and I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve now moved on to Evening Primrose and my skin is not bad for a eighty year old Thank you for continuing to sell this lovely product. "  JD, Bordon

" Nice to have products you can totally rely on in today's world "  BJ, Croydon

" I get on well with the Evening Primrose Moisturiser, I find it a very good product. "  JM, Salisbury

" Always lovely products, so gentle for sensitive skin. "  JB, Sutton

" The Evening Primrose Moisturiser is excellent. I couldn't do without it. "  DH, Liverpool

" have been using your creams etc for a fair few years and would'nt be without it.Keeps my skin looking young for my age. Thankyou "  GE, St Agnes

" Love these products! "  AF, Bruton