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Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream

Martha Hill Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream

Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream


Catalog ref: MH-61S

Key Info

  • Extra rich night cream.
  • With carrot oil and rose geranium.
  • For dry, dehydrated and maturing complexions.
  • Suitable for skin prone to eczema.


An extra rich, moisturising night cream to help minimise the appearance of fine lines, hydrate, smooth and soften.

You will wake up to a wonderfully refreshed and revitalised complexion ready to face the day.

The rich blend of natural extracts helps slow down the ageing process.

Emollient oils restore moisture balance leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.


Oil of Evening Primrose
Witch Hazel
Sesame oil
Carrot oil
Comfrey extract
Rose Geranium oil

Free From

Artificial colour and fragrance.
Parabens Preservative.

Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

To Use

Use at night after cleansing. Using fingertips dot cream over face and neck and then massage gently until fully absorbed.

For extra daytime protection in the winter apply to face and lips before going outside.


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Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Evening Primrose Skin Care Range

* Truly beneficial, perfectly balanced skin care.
* Martha's best selling range for over 20 years!

The range includes a deep Cleansing Lotion, cooling Toning Gel, light daytime Moisturiser and rich Nourishing Cream. Four products designed to complement each other and provide a complete skin care regime.

About Evening Primrose Oil

One of the common names for Evening Primrose is "kings cure all", and this name reflects the wide range of healing powers ascribed to this plant. The oil is extracted from the seeds and is rich in GLA (gamma linoleic acid). It has been shown to have anti-aging, antioxidant properties and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce redness and discolouration. Research suggests that the oil may help in treating skin disorders like eczema, adult acne, etc.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream

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" The Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream is superb - it gives my skin a refreshed glow and is good to use morning and night. It is an excellent base for make-up too! Great stuff. "  D.P., Newquay

" Your Evening Primrose facial creams are so good. I use the Nourishing Cream every night and it feels so good on my face. I am sure my skin looks younger for using it! I often mix a little of it with the daytime moisturiser, especially in cold weather,and it makes my complexion glow. Thank you. "  S.L., Portree

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