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Martha Hill Nourishing Nail Oil

Martha Hill Nourishing Nail Oil

Nourishing Nail Oil

Martha Hill

Nourishing Nail Oil

25ml bottle


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Catalog ref: MH-137

Key Info

  • With Olive Oil and Linseed Oil.
  • Stops dry, flaking and brittle nails and smoothes cuticles.


A totally pure, nourishing blend to fortify weak, damaged nails, making them extra resistant to bending, breaking and splitting.

The vitamin rich oils help to strengthen nail growth.

Sweet almond and olive oils moisturise and promote healthy nail growth and prevent dry, torn cuticles.

Linseed oil helps to strengthen and harden nails to prevent splitting and flaking.


Sweet Almond Oil.
Olive Oil.
Shea Butter.
Linseed Oil.
Vitamin E
Wheatgerm Oil.


100% natural.
Made in the UK.

To Use

Apply a few drops of oil to a cotton pad and then gently massage into nails and nail bed.

Apply daily and massage in to help increase circulation to the nail bed and stimulate new nail.

Our Nail Pampering Pads can be purchased separately:


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Top Tip

Keep handy by washbasins and sinks and wipe over nails whenever your hands have been in water or detergent or if you have been wearing rubber gloves.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" Love the nail care products. Please continue them "  FP, Leatherhead

" Loving the martha hill nourishing nail oil "  CF, Edgware

" Thank you for the complimentary bottle of nail oil -I have beautiful strong nails for the first time in over 70 years and am buying it for friends "  HSJ, Hailsham

" This oil is wonderful; nothing as good in the shops.Thank you,as always. "  WK, Troon

" Your nail oil is excellent. "  WK, Troon

" The very best nail oil. Thank you "  WK, Troon

" Your nail oil is wonderful. "  WK, Troon

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" The best nail oil, the best hand cream and reviews of the lip balm are excellent. "  WK, Troon

" Marvellous stuff! My nails were splitting and this oil is absolutely amazing! "  JN, Ramsgate

" your nail oil is now one of my essentials "  WK, Troon

" Excellent. Fantastic stuff. Nails have really improved. "  ME, Hartlepool

" I have used Martha Hill products for many years. Excellent products…excellent staff…thank you.xx "  JB, Ryde

" I love your products especially the gentle eye cleansing gel and nail oil by Marttha Hill. My nails have never been so good! "  JH, Harrogate

" The very best nail oil. Thank you, as always. "  WK, Troon

" The best cruelty free nail oil.Thank you,as always. "  WK, Troon