Protective Nail and Skin Oil

Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Oil

Protective Nail and Skin Oil

15ml bottle

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Key Info

  • Protects effectively against fungal infection


If the skin around the nails is dry and the nails are cracked and broken, this product is perfect. Besides protecting against fungal infections with clotrimazole, it offers a rich treatment of wheat germ oil, panthenol, and Bisabolol to care for the skin and the nails.

Brittle and fragile nails regain elasticity and beauty and receive a natural silky sheen. The liquid state of penetrates particularly easily even in areas like the nail fold and soaks into the skin.

Easily and effectively treats most athlete's foot and nail fungus on hands and feet with an innovative application process that reaches even the nail bed.


Wheat Germ Oil

To Use

Apply to damaged areas twice a day.