Men's Forest Fresh Dry Spray Deodorant

Jason Men's Forest Fresh Dry Spray Deodorant

Men's Forest Fresh Dry Spray Deodorant

90g spray


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Catalog ref: JS-235

Key Info

  • 24 Hour Protection.
  • Clinically tested 24 Hour Odour Protection.


Enjoy the carefree feeling of 24-hour odour protection you can rely on.
The clinically tested formula goes on clean and dries in an instant with no residue on skin or clothing.
Easy-to-use continuous spray can uses compressed air—not chemical propellants.


Get clean, dry protection - in an instant!
Clinically tested 24-hour odor protection
No residue on skin or clothes
Sprays using compressed air - no chemical propellants


Bergamot Oil
Orange Oil
Lemon Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Clove Oil

Free From

Aluminum, butane, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, petrolatum, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS),

To Use

Hold can 6 inches from skin. Spray onto underarm for quick-dry freshness.


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