Skin Revivals Discontinued

Skin Revivals Discontinued

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Skin Revivals - Advanced Facial Massage Oil

Advanced Facial Massage Oil

25ml glass dropper

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Skin Revivals - Facial Oil Set (Anti Ageing & Neck)

Facial Oil Set (Anti Ageing & Neck)

2 x 25ml bottles

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Skin Revivals - Pure Organic Rosehip Oil

Pure Organic Rosehip Oil

50ml glass dropper

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Skin Revivals - Pure Skin 'Food'

Pure Skin 'Food'

50ml jar

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Skin Revivals

Skin Revivals.

  • Advanced Natural Formula Skin Care.
  • Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2009 Winner - Best Value Skin Care Range.

A collection of advanced formula products to provide everything you need in your daily skin care regime.¬ These products all contain a high percentage of Organically Certified ingredients including Rosehip Oil & White Tip Tea.

Fragranced only with natural oils: Ylang Ylang to calm and relax; Rose to soothe; Frankincense to restore balance; Jasmine naturally soothing; Mandarin to refresh.

Suitable for all complexions including:¬ *Those in need of TLC.¬* De-Hydrated.¬* Maturing.

No Artificial Colour, no Artificial Fragrance, no Parabens Preservative, no Primary Petro-Chemicals.

Additional Information

About Skin Revivals.

Lifestyle, stress, environmental aggressors and diet have a daily impact on the condition of your skin - feeling smooth and supple one day, dry, flaky and sallow the next. The Skin Revivals range has been created to respond to these daily changes helping to restore the balance.

Designed to work alone or in combination, each individual product will correct an imbalance. The combination of pure and natural ingredients has been carefully balanced to bring about real improvements to the appearance and health of the skin.

Contains a high percentage of organically certified ingredients.