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Lavera Trend Sensitiv Cosmetics

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Trend Sensitiv Cosmetics

  • Mineral make-up 100%natural.
  • Enriched with Organic Blossom Butter

In addition to precious organic oils and moisturisers, they contain a newly-developed, organic blossom butter. The blend includes organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, along with organic blossom extracts from roses, lime blossoms and mallow.

This natural blend moisturises without shine and also ensures that the colour stays on the skin without using silicone oils. The skin does not dry out because the natural formula with organic oils and moisturisers gives the skin what it needs.

Lavera Standard

The ingredient standard is simple:¬ No Petroleum based ingredients ¬ No Synthetic preservatives¬ No synthetic emulsifiers¬ No Synthetic fragrances¬ No Synthetic Colours