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Body Verde Discontinued

Body Verde Discontinued

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Body Verde - Speed Shave

Speed Shave

236ml pump bottle

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Body Verde - Speed Shave To Go

Speed Shave To Go

1 x razor

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Body Verde - Spot On

Spot On

14.8ml tube

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Body Verde

Body Verde

  • Natural Balanced Skincare.

Body Verde believe in the powerful effects of pure, real ingredients and their capability of accelerating the body’s own amazing ability to heal itself. Those benefits cannot always be reproduced synthetically. The products utilize what nature provides – powerful antioxidants, soothing botanicals and nourishing vitamins.
When combined the right way, these ingredients work together synergistically in a powerful yet gentle way to revitalize your skin.
Botanical oils and plant derivatives work at the cellular level yielding reparative results.

Free From

No fragrances, only essential plant oils, no coloring agents, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no synthetic preservatives, no sulfates, no propylene glycol and never any animal products or testing on animals.


This is a family business where family values are applied to product development and you can feel good about using these products on yourself and your whole family.
The products are made in beautiful Idaho.