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Leg Vitality

by Gehwol


125ml tube




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  • Vitalizes.
  • Smoothes the skin.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Refreshes tired legs.


Leg Vitality is a balm for the special daily care of legs and feet. It is quickly absorbed, pleasantly refreshing, and makes your skin beautiful.
A slight massage with Leg Vitality, and the ingredients are immediately absorbed by the skin and have a soothing effect on tired and heavy legs.
It also has a mild deodorising effect and reduces irritation.
Precious avocado oil, algae extracts, and vitamin E provide the special skin-friendly properties of Leg Vitality. Problem zones with dry and scaly skin are prevented; the moisture balance of the skin is considerably improved.
Allantoin and the chamomile component bisabolene support the caring properties and strengthen the mildly deodourising effect of the herbal agents.
Hamamelis an extract from the Virginian witch hazel bush soothes irritation and prevents wrinkles.


Natural strength for tired legs & feet
Dermatologically TestedSuitable for diabetics


Avocado oil
Witch Hazel

Free From

Parabens, mineral oil, colourants.

To Use

Apply as often as required.



  • Feet for life.
  • Suitable for diabetics.

Feet last a lifetime. If you consider the distances you travel with them you will realise that taking care of your feet is extremely important. This range of extremely effective and well tolerated foot care will help bring you the relief your overworked feet need.

Combining herbs such as Mountain Pine, Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender with emollient fats and oils and special ingredients such as Allantoin (an active ingredient from Horse-Chestnut), bisabolol (an ingredient of Chamomile) and Panthenol to create highly effective products.

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