Skin Revivals   

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

100ml bottle


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Key Info

  • Gold Award Winner!
  • With Rosehip & Avocado.
  • Soil Association Certified - 99% organic.
  • Reveals radiantly clear, thoroughly cleansed skin.
  • Removes even the most stubborn make-up including eye-make-up.


Every woman wants clear, glowing fresh looking skin! This lightly fragrant, vitamin rich blend of organic vegetable oils naturally breaks down make-up, dissolves all impurities and visibly refreshes leaving you with clear, glowing skin.

Enriched with organic oils to help cleanse, maintain moisture balance and leave skin soft, comfortable and deeply cleansed.

Legend has it that the cleansing oils were originaily developed in Japan to help remove the heavy make-up worn by the Geisha. It was discovered that oil instantly dissolves oils, daily grime and make-up and leaves no surface residue.


Avocado Oil - easily absorbed oil with emollient and hydrating properties.
Rose Hip Seed Oil - naturally healing oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin A.
Sunflower Oil - light, moisturising and cleansing.
Sweet Almond Oil - nourishing and cleansing.
Gold of Pleasure Oil - rich in fatty acids, prevents moisture loss and restores elasticity.
Jojoba Oil - mimics human sebum and aids the healing process.
Rose Geranium Oil - gently astringent, cleansing and anti-inflammatory.
Wheatgerm Oil - helps improve circulation, repairs sun damage and rich in Vitamin E.

Free From

Mineral Oils.
Artificial Fragrance.

To Use

Use every night.
1. With dry hands pour a few drops onto the palms.
2. Apply to dry skin and massage gently over face and neck.
3. Add a little warm water to emulsify and continue to massage gently.

4. Wipe off with a warm, moistened cleansing cloth or pad.

5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

If you like to use a skin tonic to complete your cleansing routine then our Harmonising Tonic is the perfect choice.


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Skin Type

This fabulous oil suits all skin types but is particularly beneficial for maturing complexions.

Free From Skin Care Award

Gold Award Winner

The 'Free From' Skin Care Awards were presented by author, radio DJ and ‘Imperfectly Natural’ beauty and holistic health guru, Janey Lee Grace at The Love Natural, Love Organic Show in London on Friday 3rd July.

The announcements followed a long judging process which included a rigorous month-long assessment by testers recruited by the Awards’ associates, the Ultimate
Natural Beauty Bible, and concluded with several days of expert judging sessions.

Judges Comments

“I was disgusted when I used it at just how much make-up it removed from my seemingly clean face! Wow! It left my skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing - clean, refreshed and moisturised without being greasy. Even if it hadn't moisturised as well as it did, just the make-up removal alone would have made a huge difference! As it is, my face no longer suffers with random dry patches for no reason and feels amazingly soft and smooth."

"Adored the rosy scent. Was very effective, provided it was used with a flannel or cloth. It left my skin feeling very soft, smooth and hydrated - lasts a long time. Love that it's organic and so easy to use. Nice branding and dispenser.”

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Skin Revivals - Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

" I absolutely adore the Organic Facial Cleansing Oil. Brilliant product at a brilliant price. "  G.B., Nottingham

" Surprisingly refreshing the light oil simply dissolved all my make-up and left skin feeling really clean and no longer dull. "  OUR, Tester

" This luxurious facial oil cleanser contains Rosehip Oil ( a key ingredient to help skin heal and regenerate) and avocado. The vitamin rich blend of organic vegetable oils help to break down makeup and impurities. This is a great cleanser for really dry skin like mine and I have been using as a hot cloth cleanser, after massaging in, removing with a warm muslin cloth which really leaves the skin glowing after use. "  BLOG, My Beauty Journal

" I regularly order the Organic Cleansing Oi. It's very good. "  MPS, Cheltenham

" Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using the Skin Revivals cleansing oil. I had been using a micellaire cleanser for make up removal which is effective but on reflection, does nothing for the skin and indeed is drying over time. On literally the first use of your oil, my skin felt so much better and absorbed my moisturiser more effectively. "  KM, Dunkeld

" The Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil* (£12, 100ml) is very good at removing makeup and leaves skin incredibly moisturised. I find this oil does not absorb quickly into the skin so it is easy to achieve good coverage and removal with water. The fragrance would be difficult for me not to like as I love rose geranium. Just to give you an idea of the consistency the base is formed from avocado, sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba, wheatgerm and rosehip seed oil. This is an incredibly rich oil and is particularly good for ‘maturing complexions’. A definite repurchase. "  BLOG, Berrys Beauty

" I love that stuff. If anyone ever asks tell them the Organic Cleansing Oil is really nice "  CM, Kidderminster

" Facial oil really super for taking off make-up. "  NC, Fraserburgh

" This luxurious oil removed every trace of make-up, even eye-make up, and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and refreshed. "  OUR, Tester

" best facial cleansing oil I have ever used.. "  SP, Perth

" My second order of Revivals cleansing oil & tonic. Love them! "  EAP, Aberaeron

" The Skin Revivals range is the best range I have ever used. Excellent for maturing skin. "  MML, Sandy

" Very impressed with the new Organic Facial Cleansing Oil. It really seems to suit my skin which is a little on the dry side and mature! "  A.K., Kirkaldy

" It also contains a whole host of vitamins which are great for your skin. I applied this straight to my skin and massaged it in before washing it off with a muslin cloth. It was very easy to use and dissolved my make up, even mascara, really easily. I really liked this product for getting rid of my make up as it made it so easy and the oil felt very moisturising. I think this would be great for drier skins who require the extra hydration "  BLOG, CSI

" Organic Facial Cleansing Oil - one of best products you have produced, absolutely amazing. "  ATB, Chard

" The Skin Revivals Organic Cleansing Oil is fantastic! No other cleanser has left my skin looking this clear or radiant. After use, my skin is ultra smooth and well moisturised and as an added bonus: it appears to prevent psoriasis forming on my face. This is the only facial cleanser I will buy from now on, I cannot praise it highly enough! "  MMH, Penmaenmawr