Just Soaps Oud Soap Bar - Indulgence

Oud Soap Bar - Indulgence

Oud Soap Bar - Indulgence

100g bar


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Catalog ref: SE-OUD


Derived from the bark of the Agarwood tree, the fragrance of Oud has for centuries been highly prized in the Middle East for its sensuous and bewitching properties.

Because of its potency, in some countries only married women are allowed to use this fragrance.

Oud is given to brides on their wedding day.

When Oud is on the skin of a woman it changes and makes her irresistible to her man.

To Use

Wet soap with water and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Boost the skin moisturising lather with a scrunchie or sponge.

Keep the soap drained and dry with a soap dish/drainer when not in use. This will prolong the life of your soap.​​​​​​​


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" Love this soap "  LR, Glastonbury

" Love the Oud Soap. So good for my sensitive skin. "  PH, Sheffield