Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Pleat

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Pleat

Organic Cotton Pleat

Simply Gentle

Organic Cotton Pleat



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Key Info

  • 100% Pure Organic Cotton.
  • Soil Association Global Organic Textile Standard Certified.


This incredibly soft and gentle organic cotton wool feels good in more ways than one.

Absorbs instantly and leaves no residue or fibre on the skin.

Ideal for use in the nursery on newborn babies' delicate skin, and perfect for all cosmetic applications.


100% Organic certified.

No pesticide residues or chlorine.

Socially responsible, environmentally friendly growth, production and process.

Choose From

Cotton Balls - Pack of approx 100.
Cotton Buds - Pack of approx 200.
Cotton Pads - Pack of approx 100.
Cotton Pleat - Approx 100g.

Gentle On The Environment

Today 25% of all insecticides are used in the growth of conventional cotton, which results in devastating side effects on the environment, wildlife and ultimately in food chain contamination.

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool is grown without artificial pesticides, working in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity using a natural pest management system.

Gentle On The Farmers

Under their 'sustainable development programme organic cotton farmers no longer have to invest in expensive pesticides which are a risk to both their health and financial security.

Gentle On You

From cotton seed to packaging each Simply Gentle product is independently audited to ensure optimum quality, purity and softness.

Because they are approved by the Soil Association you can rest assured that the ethical farming methods are continually improving to help provide a safer future for the farmers and their communities.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Simply Gentle - Organic Cotton Pleat

" Cotton buds are housed in easy to use dispenser box. Great idea! "  RD, Halifax

" Nice organic soft cotton face pads. "  RG, London

" The softest cotton wool you'll get, plus it's organic. Highly recommend it. "  RC, Horsham

" The best cotton wool pads.Thank you. "  WK, Troon

" Love them. Great for my facial regimen. "  EWB, Welling

" Lovely cotton wool, much better than usual stuff. I use it all the time. "  FP, St Columb

" Organic Cotton Balls are a super product, very good "  MW, Launceston

" I suffer from glaucoma and these are gentle enough for my eyes, I love using them. "  RO, Exeter