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Matte Bronzer - No Tan Lines

by Palladio


10g Compact




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  • Herbal & Vitamin Enriched.


Matte finish blends with natural skin tone, the silky smooth formula provides a rich, natural colour so it's easy to get a beautiful sun-kissed look all year around.

Three natural tones.


Buildable colour for a natural bronze
Sheer formula
Adds warmth and dimension


Aloe Vera
Chamomile Extract
Biloba Extract
Ginseng Extract
Apricot Oil

Free From

Artificial Fragrance

To Use

Swirl a wide brush in the bronzing powder and tap it to remove any excess. Then apply it on top of the cheekbones where the sun would hit.
Continue across the forehead.
Sweep the brush across the bridge of the nose.
Dust it lightly against the chin and sweep down the neck to match your face.

Palladio ComplexionPalladio Complexion


  • Herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics.
  • Full colour make-up range for complexion, eyes, lips and brows.

Palladio is the force behind your favourite makeup looks. Depth of shades, luxurious textures, innovative new products, and every trend you want to try – all made cruelty-free, without parabens and at an affordable price.
Saturated with antioxidant vitamins like A, C, D & E; and powerful botanicals like anti-inflammatory green tea, soothing aloe and energizing ginseng, all formulated to amp up your skin.
Charged with colour on the outside, surging with vitamins and botanicals on the inside, Palladio infuses your world with high-powered colour.

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