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Elderflower Eye Contour Gel

by Martha Hill




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30ml tube
  • Refreshes, soothes and cools.
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles.
  • Made in the UK.


A wonderfully refreshing, oil free gel to wake up tired eyes, reduce dark circles and puffiness, rehydrate, soothe and tone.
Lightly moisturises the delicate eye area.

Perfect for keeping handy to apply whenever yours eyes feel hot, or irritated.


Elderflower - Soothes and Calms
Cucumber - Reduces Puffiness
Witch hazel - Tones and Tightens.
Allantoin - boosts Skin Radiance
Sodium Hyaluronate - For day long moisture
Alga - Vitamin and mineral rich

Free From

Mineral Oil
Artificial Fragrance

To Use

Apply all around the eye contour area every morning.

Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Additional Information

About Cucumber Extract:
With both moisturising benefits and mildly astringent, cucumber extract is also very soothing, helps relieve puffiness and is naturally cooling. Cucumber will also gently exfoliate, tighten and help revitalise the skin.

About Elderflower Extract:
Elder has been called "people's medicine chest" and the flowers were used in cosmetic preparations in ancient Egypt. Elderflower extract helps to soften skin, treats acne, blemishes, rashes and sunburn. It may also help to "fade freckles and wrinkles". The herb is astringent and contains a substance called Eldrin which helps to soothe weak capillaries and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

About Witch Hazel:
It has a long history of use primarily to treat inflammations, bites, stings and skin sores and bruising. The extract acts as an astringent, firming and tightening tissue and helping reduce itching and irritation.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Elderflower Eye Contour Gel

" Can't live without it "  MD Uxbridge

" I fine your products to work very very well my skin feels wonderful and does not feel tight after i have wash it.The elderflower eye gel is brilliant it as reduce the dark circles under my eyes no end,thank you for such wonderful products and very good customer service. "  TW Mexborough

" Eye Gel - Incredible stuff, been using for years and years "  MAG Cheltenham

" Very cooling and very good product "  KC Whitstable

Martha Hill

Martha Hill

  • Serious herbal skin care for over 40 years.

With the original range formulated in the late 1960's Martha Hill was well ahead of her time in producing a range of skincare products based on the purest natural ingredients.

All Martha Hill products are formulated to react to your skin's daily needs. They are finely balanced to ensure that your skin receives the care it deserves. Based on a carefully researched combination of the finest natural oils and extracts they are designed to cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish: the four essential steps to a healthy, glowing complexion.

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