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Home Spray - Freesia & Orchid

by Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home


20ml spray




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A Thousand Rose PetalsJasmine & TuberoseSweet HoneysuckleLavender & Bergamot
  • Gently scent the home .
  • Refresh the pomanders.


The Scented Home Refresh Sprays can be used to gently scent the home and refresh the pomanders and scented sachets.

The handy little sprays are also perfect for keeping in the car to refresh and also for travel to gently fragrance hotel rooms.


A Thousand Rose Petals
Rich, heady, velvety, deep, dark red rose accord enhanced with warm, subtle spices, soft, clean, aldehydic freshness and a twist of exotic ylang ylang.

Freesia & Orchid
A bloom of sparkling, fresh freesias and exotic orchids dominate the top notes with a mouthwatering citrus, fruity heart of orange and grapefruit finishing with a smooth base of sophisticated musks.

Jasmine & Tuberose
Powerful, heady floral dominated by notes of jasmine and tuberose with nuances of orangeflower, carnation, ylang and plumeria.

Lavender & Bergamot
Sophisticated blend of lavender and bergamot infused with creamy musks and soft sandalwood base notes.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home - Home Spray - Freesia & Orchid

" Great to find this item, hard to get. Many thanks. "  SPM Ashford

Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home

The Scented Home

  • Scented pomanders, sprays & sachets.
  • Fragrances last up to 3 months.

An introduction to how we envisage our ideal home, with a delicate touch of fragrance creating the perfect ambience for you and your family to relax in. Discover a diverse collection of Scented Sachets, Metal Pomanders and Refresh Sprays.

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