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Royal Jelly & Cornflower Revitalising Eye Gel

by Skin Revivals


30ml tube




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  • Suitable for all skin types.


Eyes are the focal point in your face, and black rings, bags and puffy eyes are not only unattractive, they are very aging.

This unique formula, enriched with active Botanicals and Royal Jelly, works naturally to help minimise the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, softening fine lines and wrinkles, soothes and cools.

Helps to make the fragile eye area skin stronger and better protected.

The cooling gel absorbs quickly and effortlessly with an instant tightening effect.


Witch Hazel.
Royal Jelly.
Aloe Vera.
Cabbage Rose.
Aloe Vera.

Free From

Mineral Oil.
Artificial Colour.


Key Benefits:
Tightens the skin and helps to reduce puffiness.
Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.
Contains a blend of naturally anti-ageing ingredients.
Protects skin against dehydration.
Instantly restores and revitalises tired eyes.

To Use

Pat a small amount of gel under the eye from the outer cheekbone towards the nose.

Repeat on the upper lid from under the brow bone to the nose.

Do not drag the skin and don't go too close to the lash line.

Use in the morning and/or evening.

Additional Information

About Royal Jelly:
Royal Jelly’s revitalizing benefits were discovered over 2000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used royal jelly to keep their skin smooth and its rejuvenating benefits are legendary. Today it is strongly believed that royal jelly is a powerful anti-aging cure helping maintain youthful, healthy skin with a smooth, youthful and radiant complexion. It has also been found to have strong antibacterial activity and is one of the most effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in nature.

Royal Jelly is a treasure chest of proteins, carbohydrates, essential lipids, fatty acids and vitamins. It is so unique that it cannot be entirely reproduced in any laboratories.

About Cornflower:
The plant was first used in the 16th century, when its benefits for all kinds of eye complaints were first observed, particularly in cases involving inflammation. It has antibacterial as well as antioxidant properties and is successful when included in eye products, since it has a gentle astringent effect and soothes inflamed and irritated skin.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Skin Revivals - Royal Jelly & Cornflower Revitalising Eye Gel

" Love the eye gel and it is good value for money "  PS Inverness

" It's brilliant, it does work. I've got very sensitive skin - recommeded "  JB Luton

" My wife says best she has had and also uses for wrinkles on her face. "  DRS Bolton

" My sister and I don't use much stuff but this eye gel is absolutely fantastic. "  EF Wellingborough

" I love this product royal jelly. "  JE Stoke-On-Trent

" I had a free sample which I thought I'd try and for the first time I don't have dark circles under my eyes! These can be caused by not enough sleep etc., but mine are a by-product of a heart problem! Thank you. "  HMG Wakefield

" thank you given as a gift-i now cant live without Revivals eye gel "  DLH Oldbury

" Revisiting Eye Gel is absolutely fantastic "  DH Southampton

Skin Revivals Eye Care

Advanced Formula Eye Care

  • Enriched with herbal oils and extracts.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

The eye area is one of first places on your face to show stress, ageing and fatigue. The result can be puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and crow's feet.

These two special products combine the very best, naturally derived herbal oils and extracts to create advanced treatments to help combat the effects of daily stress, climate and the ageing process.

No Artificial Colour, no Artificial Fragrance, no Parabens Preservative, no Primary Petro-Chemicals.

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