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Sandalwood Spray Perfume

by Pacifica


28ml spray bottle




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  • With citrusy top notes.


Rich Indian Sandalwood is at the heart of this moody, warm, velvety and woody blend, tempered by slightly sweet top notes of Tangerine, Sweet Orange and Mandarin - providing a beautiful lift. This is a deep and nuanced Sandalwood like no other

Sandalwood Benefits

Sandalwood symbolizes a letting-go of the self. It is believed to promote spiritual practice, compassion, openness and peaceful relaxation.

In Buddhism sandalwood is considered to be one of the three integral incenses in successfully navigating the path to enlightenment.

In this blend, sandalwood is at the heart, found through a complex but pleasurable navigation through a series of sweet citrusy top notes."


Sweet Orange

Free From

No parabens, animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors. 100% Vegan and Gluten-free.

To Use

Spray as required.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Pacifica - Sandalwood Spray Perfume

" This is absolutely lovely "  JA Exeter



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Pacifica is known as one of the most innovative and sustainable makeup lines on the market today.

At Pacifica, they are elevating the experience of natural beauty products and overcoming the common perception that naturals don't deliver great results.

Their mission is to deliver the best performing products, using the safest ingredients, in recyclable packaging and components to the largest possible audience of beauty consumers.

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