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Repair Me - Intensive Treatment Handcreme

by Apicare


130g tube




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  • Helps dry, problem hands.
  • With healing calendula oil.
  • With active 16+ manuka honey.


This is an intense hand cream and great for very dry, rough and flaky skin. It provides fast and lasting relief from the uncomfortable, tight sensation of dry skin and from the discomfort caused by chaffing and minor splits.

A great solution for people that are required to perform regular, repeated hand washing, work with chemicals or drying agents, or are naturally prone to dry problem skin.

Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil - From the flowers of pot marigolds and widely known as a healing herb due to its gentle, cooling and soothing properties. Calendula oil promotes skin healing & cell regeneration and is helpful for many types of skin inflammation - dry and damaged skin, rashes, diaper irritations, etc. Calendula Oil has also been used for centuries in treatments for eczema and other common itchy skin irritations.

Calendula Oil combined with UMF 15+ Manuka Honey makes a powerful combination.


Calendula oil
Aloe Vera leaf juice
Sweet Almond oil
Manuka Honey
Vitamin E
Rosemary leaf extract
Evening Primrose oil


Contains large volumes of plant oils and UMF 15+ manuka honey for their ability to soothe.

Great natural formula containing vegetable glycerin to retain moisture to your skin.

Great for chapped and very dry skin anywhere.

Subtly fragranced with a blend of pure essential oils.

Free From

Artificial colours, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Sulphates.

To Use

Suitable for everyday use or as required for effective repair. A little goes a long way!

About Manuka Honey

Some Manuka Honey has a 'Unique Manuka Factor' (UMF) which refers to its non-peroxide level of antibacterial activity. This factor provides an additional potent anti-bacterial action on top of the usual antibacterial abilities of all honeys. It has also been shown to diffuse deeper into skin tissues.

Manuka Honey is tested for its level of non-peroxide activity and issued with a number. So a rating of 10 indicates the same level of antiseptic potency of a 10% solution of Phenol (Carbolic Disinfectant). The higher the rating, the higher the activity level is, and therefore the greater the healing ability.

In addition to its antibacterial abilities Manuka honey has been shown to be deeply penetrating and hygroscopic (attracts moisture to it), and therefore, very hydrating.

It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and has demonstrated the ability to accelerate tissue repair, aiding in skin repair and the reduction of scarring.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Apicare - Repair Me - Intensive Treatment Handcreme

" The Apicare Handcreme is one of the very best Ive ever tried - thank you for stocking it "  ESF Runcorn

Apicare Manuka HoneyApicare Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey with Royal Jelly

  • With UMF 16+ Active Manuka Honey

A range of problem solving, skin soothing products formulated with UMF 16+ Active Manuka Honey to nourish, soothe and hydrate.

The Apicare range is made with Active Manuka honey. While all honeys exhibit natural antibacterial properties, Active Manuka honey from New Zealand offers 30 to 100 times the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of any other honey. Apicare Healing Honey Skin Care incorporates this incredible healing property into a natural blend of soothing herbal extracts and oils.

Manuka Honey is gathered in New Zealand from the Manuka bush, Leptospermum scoparium, which grows uncultivated throughout the country.

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