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Dry Skin Itchy Skin Topical Spray

by Hope's Relief


90ml spray bottle




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  • Fast acting moisturising itch relief.
  • Unique "No Touch-No Ouch" Spray Application.
  • Ideal for when skins are irritated or sensitive.


A fast acting spray perfect for dry itchy skins. Instantly cooling, moisturising and calming with ”No Touch - No Ouch” application.

The gentle spray soothes itching due to dry skin and contains liquid moisturisers.

Easy and convenient for when babies or children will not let you touch those sensitive or irritated areas with hands.

Pure liquid delivery helps assist the skins own healing process.

Helps to break the “itch-scratch” cycle with 10 natural actives including Aloe Vera, Calendula and Evening Primrose, Tea Tree and Borage oils.

Unique 2 stage action
1. Leaves a nourishing outer layer to soothe and protect the skin.
2. Penetrates deep to moisturise.


Gentle spray application with unique liquid delivery.
Instant cooling and soothing.
Relieves and soothes itching due to dry skin.
Helps to break the “itch-scratch” cycle.
Liquid moisturiser.
Soothes and moisturises.


Aloe Vera
Evening Primrose Oil
Borage Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E
Vitamin B5
Lavender Essential Oil

98.5% natural ingredients.
Formulated by Hope’s Relief Naturopaths with active natural ingredients, using traditional based herbal extracts proven to help dry and itchy skins.

Free From

Free from steroids, fragrances, SLS, parabens, paraffin, lanolin and petrochemicals.

To Use

1. Shake well before use.
2. Hold about 10cm’s away from the skin and spray across the skin when pressing the pump.
3. Apply 3 - 4 times a day with a light spray.
4. Can be lightly patted in to assist absorption 5.
When applying to the face or around the eyes spray onto a cotton pad and pat onto the skin.

Important. Avoid contact with eyes.
Stop using the spray if you experience any discomfort.

Hope's Relief Cream

Hope’s Relief Creams.

  • Natural moisturising creams.
  • Premium Relief Creams.

Hope's relief creams have been developed in response to the need for natural effective alternatives for relieving the symptoms of dry, itchy skin in children, babies, and adults.

The remarkable results have led to grateful testimonials from around the world.

Hope's Relief offer effective natural alternatives to other steroid based creams and lotions and can be used on babies, young children and adults for extended periods of time with no side effects.
The products are created from potent natural healing ingredients, free from artificial colours, perfumes and animal products.

They contains licorice, calendula, Manuka honey, aloe vera, and gotu kola, natural and organic ingredients.
Suitable for all ages from new-born babies to adults.

Includes: Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA10+ and other active ingredients to help soothe itchy dry skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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