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Glucosamine Joint Complex

by Optima


125ml tube




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  • With Aloe Vera, Devils Claw & MSM.
  • Triple Action Gel for connective tissue, joint & muscle care.


A triple action gel for connective tissue, joint and muscle care, with Aloe Vera, Devils Claw and MSM is a carefully designed formulation that may help to maintain healthy joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Glucosamine is well documented for its positive effect on joint health and in this unique formulation is combined with Devils Claw, MSM, Menthol and Essential Oils.

Initial application creates a pleasant cooling effect due to the menthol content, whilst the essential oils aid circulation to the skin resulting in a warming sensation.

Optima Joint Complex Gel smells pleasantly fresh, is non-greasy and absorbs immediately.


Pine Oil
Devils Claw
Aloe Vera
Orange Oil
Lemon Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Rosemary Oil

Free From

Mineral Oil
Artificial Colour
Artificial Fragrance

To Use

Apply several times a day as required.
Apply a thin layer of gel to the appropriate area and gently rub in until absorbed.
Wash hands thoroughly after application.


For external use only.
Not to be used during pregnancy.
Do not use on small children.
Avoid contatct with eyes.
Do not use on broken skin.
If irritation develops discontinue use.
Store at room temperature
Keep out of reach of children.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Optima - Glucosamine Joint Complex

" This product is absolutely wonderful "  MN Ely

" The glucosamine cream is helpful for chronic pain,arthritis etc. "  PK Knaresborough

" The Glucosamine Joint Complex is really good and much better from all the others I have tried over the years "  EAG Ledbury

Pain Relief & Joints

  • Topical treatments.

Optima products capture the maximum nutritional activity of each ingredient.’ To maintain product efficacy thery use only natural derived ingredients where possible, so additives such as perfumes, colours and artificial ingredients are avoided. In some cases preservatives are necessary to prolong shelf life, in these instances we use natural agents which do not cause any harm to the skin or the environment.

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