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Herbal Starflower Skin Cream

by Napiers


100ml jar




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  • Sensitive dry skin cream.
  • For very sensitive skin.
  • With Starflower, Chamomile and Chickweed.
  • Now presented in a jar


A bestselling emollient creams, Starflower Cream is moisturising and calming.

Contains natural, active herbal extracts like Borage seed oil, naturally high in GLA, an important Omega-6 fatty acid needed for healthy skin cell walls. Without GLA, your skin cells can't keep enough moisture in - resulting in dry, itchy skin.

Borage oil penetrates the skin, delivering GLA benefits directly to your skin cells, helping your skin to stay moisturised and healthy.


Moisturises and soothes dry, itchy skin
Cools and calms hot, reddened, irritated skin
Used as an extremely gentle, non-irritating moisturiser by people with sensitive skin (such as those prone to eczema and dermatitis)
Popular with hairdressers, mechanics, nurses and other people exposed to drying, irritating chemicals in their work or constant hand washing
High in natural gamma-linoleic fatty acid (GLA) needed for healthy skin


Starflower Borago officinalis seed oil
Chamomile Matricaria recutita extract and oil
Chickweed Stellaria media extract
Sweet almond oil

Free From

Mineral oil.
Artificial Colour.

To Use

Apply as often as required to dry areas.

Plant extracts cause few side effects however if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you are unsure if you need to take extra care, please speak to your healthcare practitioner, before using this product.

About Borage Oil

Borage oil, extracted from the seeds of Starflower herb, is a natural source of gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an important Omega-6 fatty acid needed for healthy skin cell walls. Without sufficient GLA, cells can’t retain enough moisture, resulting in dry skin and other chronic skin problems.
Moisturisers are an effective first-line treatment to decrease symptoms of eczema and reduce the need to use steroids.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Napiers - Herbal Starflower Skin Cream

" Really like your product "  JT Brighton

" I love napier creams they really work "  HKJ Manchester



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