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Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Set

by Martha Hill




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4 x 100ml jars
  • For dry or dehydrated and maturing complexions.
  • Gently erases signs of fatigue and soothes.
  • Helps to firm, tone and refresh.
  • Helps restore moisture balance.


Three products enriched with herbal extracts and with a naturally hydrating fragrance blend to restore moisture and smooth and soften. Deliciously fragrant and creamy textured, this skin care set includes everything you need for a balanced daily skin care regime.

Mimosa Hydrating Cream Cleanser - creamy, rich and skin smoothing.
Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream - light, moisturising and calming.
Mimosa Hydrating Night Cream - rich, nourishing and repairing.

Set Includes

All three products at a discounted price.

Standard set includes 3 products:
1 x cleanser, 1 x day cream, 1 x night cream.

Large set includes 4 products:
2 x 100ml cleanser, 1 x 100ml day cream, 1 x 100ml night cream


Avocado oil
Sesame oil
Vitamin A
Carrot oil
Hydrafleur acti scent

Free From

Artificial Colour, Primary Petrochemicals, Parabens Preservative.
Cruelty free.
Made in the UK.

To Use

1. Cleanse morning and night.
2. Rinse with warm water or apply a skin tonic. We recommend Rosewater Skin Tonic
3. Apply the day cream to face, neck and upper bust area.
4. At night cleanse and then apply the rich Night Cream.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Set

" Feedback: I have had comments such as 'you are getting younger all the time!' Thank you, Beauty Naturals!! "  SO Cobham

" Am ordering this on the strength of the \special offer\ from \MyMail\, received this morning. It smells so wonderful I thought I'd sample the range! If it's all as good as the Day Cream, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! "  JJC Peterborough

Martha Hill Mimosa Hydrating

Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Range

  • An essential three step skin care routine.
  • Perfect for dry, maturing skin.

Martha Hill's Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Range is specially designed to restore and maintain your skin's moisture balance. This protective and beneficial range incorporates a unique blend of natural, active ingredients with an amazing new fragrance concept. Created by one of Europe's top perfumiers, this naturally blended fragrance of Jasmine and Water Lily works with the proven benefits of essential oils, helping to prevent moisture loss and maintaining natural hydration. Its subtle scent will also calm and soothe, reducing stress and evoking a general feeling of well being.

Suitable for complexions that are: dry; de-hydrated; maturing.

Free from Mineral Oil, Parabens and Artificial Colour. UK made and cruelty free.

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