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Camomile Facial Duo

by Martha Hill


250ml + 100ml




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  • With soothing chamomile.
  • Plus aloe vera and cucumber.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


These two products with calming camomile are the idea choice for all skin types.


Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel - 100ml tube

This mild, non drying facial wash delivers the wonderfully refreshing 'wake-up' effects of water.

Camomile Moisture Milk - 250ml bottle

A light, easily absorbed hydrating lotion with skin soothing camomile. Suitable for skin easily irritated and prone to spots.

Martha Hill Camomile

Camomile Skin Care Range.

  • Recommended for Combination skin and for skin prone to Acne.

Camomile has long been recognised as a valuable aid to beauty and the herb was widely used in skin, hair and bath preparations. Camomile is a gentle herb and has a calming, soothing effect on damaged or sensitive skin.

Martha Hill Cucumber Skin Tonic is the ideal tonic to include with the Camomile range.

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