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Basis Sensitiv Cleansing Gel

by Lavera


125ml tube




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  • For Normal and Combination Skin


Lavera Basis Sensitiv Cleansing Gel is an every day organic facial cleanser for normal and combination skin. This easy to use cleansing gel with mild cleansing ingredients effectively and gently removes dirt, make-up and excess oils which have accumulated during the day, allowing your skin to breathe. The cleansing gel contains natural, gentle surfactants with additional ingredients of organic aloe vera and organic jojoba oil to keep moisture levels in the skin, so you don't get that dry tight feeling after cleansing.

Your skin will look fresh, clean and healthy.


- Suitable for Normal and Combination Skin
- Effectively cleanses your skin
- Gently removes make up
- Can be used around the eye area.
- Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft
- Skin doesn't feel tight after cleansing
Clear complexion.
Simply easy to use
Soft light lather

To Use

Use morning and evening on wet facial skin and neck. Remove the cleansing gel with warm water.

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  • Natural skin care.

When it comes to the care of your skin, they accept no compromises. They consciously avoid synthetic and artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Lavera face care stands for natural beauty care solely from the power of nature.

In the formulations, you will find natural ingredients, processed into organic plant fluids and organic extracts combined with innovative active substances.

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