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Seafresh Strengthening Mouthwash

by Jason


473ml bottle




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  • Sea Spearmint.
  • With Blue Green Algae.
  • For super fresh breath and stronger teeth.
  • Concentrated 2:1


Sea Fresh all natural mouthwash features Blue Green Algae (Chlorella Pyreoidosa), rich in Calcium, proteins and antioxidants, to naturally strengthen your teeth and gums.

Potent Spearmint Oil keeps your breath fresh and clean.

Natural Grapefruit Seed and Perilla Seed Extracts help reduce tartar build-up while Aloe Vera Gel soothes gum irritation.


Aloe Vera¬Grapefruit Seed Extract¬Calendula¬Echinacea¬Witch Hazel¬Perilla Seed Extract¬Menthol¬Golden Seal

Free From

Alcohol¬Saccharin¬Gluten¬Parabens¬SLS¬Petrolatum¬Artificial Color¬Phthalates


Strengthens teeth with blue green algae for super fresh breath and naturally stronger teeth.

To Use

After brushing, rinse mouth or gargle for 20-30 seconds and spit out.¬Do not swallow.¬Use at least twice a day.

This All Natural Mouthwash is concentrated 2:1. If reduced intensity is desired, dilute one part mouthwash with one part water before use.

For a strong smile and fresh breath, use Sea Fresh toothpaste and mouthwash twice a day.

Keep out of reach of unsupervised children.¬Consult a dentist or physician prior to use with children under 2.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Jason - Seafresh Strengthening Mouthwash

" Excellent mouthwash. I've used it for years and my teeth and gums are very healthy. "  JM Chester

" Have been using Jason Mouthwash for a few months (purchased in Canada whilst on holiday) - was absolutely blown away by how good the results have been on my irritated gums. So glad to have found it in the UK!! "  JM Spalding

" Good mouthwash. "  JT Haslemere

Jason Oral Care


  • All-natural oral care.
  • No fluoride.
  • Great taste!

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