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Lemon & Mint Toilet Cleaner

by Maison Belle


500ml flip-top bottle




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  • With Lemon & Mint.


A hard-working, non-toxic toilet cleaner. Removes dirt and limescale.

Scented with essential oils, this special formula leaves your toilet smelling naturally clean.

Free From

Ammonia.¬Phosphates.¬Safe to use with no harmful chemicals.¬Biodegradeable.

To Use

Squirt under the rim and all around the bowl.¬Leave for 30 minutes and flush.

Reapply if needed.

Maison Belle

Maison Belle.

  • Natural Cleaning Products.
  • Created by Isabella Smith Apothecary.

Incredibly efficient, natural, biodegradable household cleansers. Scented only with special blends of Essential Oils to leave a wonderfully fresh, natural fragrance all around your home.

Safe around children and pets and presented in 100% recyclable plastic bottles.

Free from Phosphates, Bleach and Ammonia.

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