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Hair Repair Heatcare Protector

by Hairwonder


150ml spray bottle




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  • Prevents heat damage.
  • All hair types.
  • Strengthens the & provides superior shine.
  • Phytokeratin & provitamin B5.
  • Enriched with 8 certified organic ingredients.


Protects the hair against the heat of a blow-dryer, curling iron or other styling tools. By forming a protective film around the hair heat-activated proteins help to prevent dryness, split ends and frizzy hair. Strengthens the hair, hydrates and adds shine.


ProVitamin B5
Senna (colourless henna) leaf extract
Matricaria flower extract
Rosemary leaf extract
Lemon Balm leaf extract
Hops extract
Green Tea leaf extract
Ginseng root extract
Rooibos leaf extract

To Use

Spray generously on towel dry hair before using heat-styling tools.


Use in combination with Hairwonder Hair Repair Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner.

How It Works

Forms a protective film around the hair to protect against damage from heat.


Hairwonder by nature

  • The secret to healthy hair!
  • Hair specialist since 1985.

Hairwonder makes your hair stronger. Besides the certified organic ingredients we also add a unique combination of Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5 to each Hairwonder product.

Scientific research has proven that Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5 make the hair stronger, hydrate and provide superior shine.

Most Hairwonder products are Paraben free. The range is not tested on animals. Innovations that contribute to a sustainable way of life and health.

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