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Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Hot Oil Hair Treatment

by Giovanni


49g pouch




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  • For damaged over-processed hair.
  • Dual repairing complex.


To rejuvenate. strengthen and restore hair with the exclusive Dual Repairing Complex, an essential blend bursting with antioxidant power combining fresh Blackberries and the organic oils of Coconut.
Energize each strand by drenching hair in protection and moisture while restoring silky tresses from damage.


Sweet nectar wraps each strand to re-bind split ends
Coconut sealant reinforces hair fiber promoting thicker & fuller hair
Deep Condition


Coconut Oil
Macademia Extract
Shea Butter Extract
Argan Oil
Blackberry Extract
Cocoa Keratin Extract

Free From

Parabens, dyes or PEGs to this product

To Use

Stove-Top Heating Directions:
1. Heat water in a pot.
2. Pour heated water into a heat-safe cup.
3. Place sachet into the heated water for 60 seconds or until oil is melted and warm. If needed, knead product until oil has completely liquefied.
4. Shake well.
5. Check temperature, if sachet is too hot, let it sit to cool until desired temperature is reached.
6. To re-heat, repeat steps 1 through 5.
Can also be heated in a microwave.

Applying to Hair / Scalp Directions:

Use caution as product will be hot.
1. Open sachet by twisting off the cap.
2. Apply the warm oil onto wet or dry hair and scalp.
3. Massage onto dry or wet hair for 25 seconds.
4. Leave treatment in for 15-20 minutes, for best results leave in overnight.
5. Shampoo and rinse.
6.Repeat this treatment as often as desired.



  • Eco chic hair care.
  • Eco chic technology.

The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water represent a unique combination of certified Organic Botanicals and incredible style.

This family owned company are committed to creating only the purest formulations, packaged in the most original bottles.

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